Show-Me Former Missouri Senator McCaskill Selling EPIC Luxury Condo

Punditry doesn't often pay as much as politics but it does offer more popularity and mobility. Accordingly, the former Missouri progressive put her elite living space back on the market.

Here's a glimpse at the place behind a paywall but with a few real estate pr0n pix shared with the plebs:

Former senator Claire McCaskill is selling her CityCenter penthouse

CityCenter Condo | Claire McCaskill and her husband, Joseph Shepard, bought the two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo in February 2014 and were among the first owners in the luxury building. It is listed at just under $2.9 million. (David Peterson) Two years after she lost her U.S. Senate seat, Claire McCaskill is selling her CityCenter penthouse.


Anonymous said…
Because the party that believes in division of Wealth, lives in Million dollar penthouses. Just like my Nigga on the street without a job and the illegal alien they want for a vote. Correct ?