Show-Me COVID Chuch Lawsuit Protection

An important legal consideration for faith communities who might confront pandemic legal action amid rising economic desperation of their flock and the nation.

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Senate bill offers highest legal protection for churches against COVID-19 lawsuits

JEFFERSON CITY - A bill in the Missouri General Assembly that would provide the highest legal protection for Missouri churches against frivolous, COVID-related lawsuits is working its way toward possible passage. Senate Bill 51 (SB 51) will raise the standard in which churches can be sued to one of "intentionality," a much higher standard than "recklessness" or "negligence," which were in earlier versions.


Anonymous said…

GOOD!!!! We all know how the radical left is attacking the church, unless it's the church of Satan and or people like Cleaver the amen and awomen idiot.
Anonymous said…
Parson’s covid strategy:

Wasteful spending of these one-time federal billion dollar handouts to the state

Close the courts to the people of the state