Shocker: Former Prez Trump Endorsed Kansas Republican Politico And JoCo Progressives Denounced Both Of Them

There wasn't any space or time for this one yesterday but it's worth revisiting if only because all of the blathering about the quick nod via the newspaper and social media overlooked the relatively tame implications for a state that hasn't elected a Democratic Party Senator since the 1930s.

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In his first endorsement since leaving The White House, former President Trump endorses Sen. Moran

OLATHE, KS. (KCTV) -- Former President Donald Trump has endorsed U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran for re-election to the U.S. Senate. It's Trump's first endorsement since leaving The White House. He made the announce via his Save America PAC. "Senator Jerry Moran is doing a terrific job for the wonderful people of Kansas.


  1. No space for this one?


  2. ^^^ Please don't bother everyone with your ignorance. Learn to code so you can keep up. LEARN TO CODE!

  3. Senators Marshall and Hawley voted to support Trump's re-election and second term on January 6th.

    Moran and Blunt voted to certify the steal and support the fraud.

    No true MAGA supporter should support either Moran or Blunt.

    Bring on the primary opponents!!!

  4. Amateur hour is over. Biden is kicking ass. Republicans are still trying to figure out who won the election...

    1. Best thing Corn Puff can do is stay alive. Hillary wants in an he knows things about her.

  5. Moran is probably hoping Trump will just go away as his endorsements of late have been the kiss of death.


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