Shawnee Mission Northwest High School Backpack Gun Panic & Arrest

Here's the best take down report and aftermath at this embattled low-rent golden ghetto learning institution that's struggling to come back from COVID just like everyone else.

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Student arrested after staff find gun in backpack at Shawnee Mission Northwest

SHAWNEE, Kan. - A student has been arrested after school staff found a weapon inside of a backpack at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School this morning, February 25. Shawnee police stated a handgun and contraband were found in the backpack during an administrative investigation.


  1. SMNW Cougars aren't there some child molesting Johnson County Karen's upset about that name ?

  2. Was it a section 8 transplant that shouldn't be going to school with decent kids ?

    1. Shame on you! Rich kids have access to guns to. You are a coward for remaining anonymous. Disgusting human being.

  3. You can take the urban ute scholar out of Wyandotte but you can’t take the Wyandotte out of the urban ute scholar.

  4. Shame on all of you with the rhetoric of poverty causing this or location of upbringing. And I noticed all of you making comments like this are anonymous. Ignorance can't be fixed by education or location of upbringing either. Clearly obvious by the comments here.

  5. ^^^^^^^STFU

  6. I graduated from NW in the 1980s but haven't lived in JoCo for decades.

    Is this shit normal in Shawnee?

  7. 3:39, 3:41

    Fuck off.

  8. The most dangerous mammal on Earth is a white male and his off spring.

  9. Section 8 has taken its toll. It's good to see many citizens have stood up against more of it. The stupid Shawnee board members must have let too much Section 8 housing go up in the last decade. People are waking up to how bad it is.


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