Property Tax Payback For Kansas Restaurants After COVID Crackdown???

Small conservative counties don't like this plan because it'll create an even greater pandemic cash crunch. Meanwhile, our progressive pals seem to understand that the end of the unsustainable restrictions are quickly approaching.

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Restaurants ask for property tax relief from Kansas counties that restricted business | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Wichita restaurant owner John Arnold says it is difficult to avoid feeling vilified by government restrictions placed on businesses in the interest of public health. The pandemic treated his industry differently, Arnold explained to lawmakers during a hearing Tuesday in the House. Restaurants were forced to close altogether as COVID-19 first crept across [...]


  1. If the government forces a business to shut down then said business is entitled to adjusted tax rates.

  2. ^^Blah blah blah. You're too dumb to tie your shoes. Hard pass on anything you have to say.

  3. ^^^^^But he is right and you're still wrong.

  4. I would think that if they could get an appraiser to look objectively at a property they would devalue it based on the fact that if a restaurant goes out of business the building is hugely devalued.

  5. The property tax is based on the value of the land. If that land is zoned for business activities that the government then prevents, the valuation needs to decline...or the businesses need to seek eminent domain from the government (they took away something for the "public good" - they must pay)...or both.

  6. Communism and Socialism got its start somewhere and it had to look like it’s looking now.
    Close everything or else!
    So the sheep follow each other off the cliff.

    Look south in Cass County or the Ozarks. No masks or stupid rules and eateries are packed and death rates are low.

    What day you Mayor 10-10-10?

  7. ^^I don't know CHUD what "day" you?

  8. Iirc cass health dept lives in jaxco and tried putting in place some very heavy handed rules. Commish started to tighten the screws and he backed off. I'm certain they're fine. Still plenty of sheep though. Every time I fill up heading to the cabin they're walking around with face diapers on at wm and thr grocery store


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