Saturday, February 13, 2021

Pompeo Panned Passing Pricey China Pens

The former SecState with Kansas roots is a favorite punching bag of the mainstream media and we would be remiss without mentioning his latest foible that has been celebrated by so many news outlets up to and including the New York Times.

Check the story and hard times for this politico attempting to find a place after the MAGA movement.

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Pompeo spent $10K on engraved pens for guests at 'Madison Dinners': CREW

The State Department spent more than $10,000 in taxpayer funds over two years for engraved pens handed out to guests at former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Mike Pompeo Pompeo spent K on engraved pens for guests at 'Madison Dinners': CREW It's time for Biden's Cuba China adds insult to injury MORE 's "Madison Dinners," during which the secretary and his wife routinely hosted GOP donors and conservative media figures, according to documents obtained by a watchdog group.


Anonymous said...

If he is pissing off the Jew York Times, he is doing something right.

Tab said...

And how much has evil empress Pelosi wasted jetting out of DC to leave the voters stringing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

The Libtards spent millions of taxpayer money on sham investigations and impeachments of a duly-elected president and they come up with this bullshit while Hillary destroys devices and deletes over 30,000 emails after a subpoena.

Anonymous said...

He also said in December Trump would be elected to a second term - wrong. I would like a 24k gold pen

Anonymous said...

The party of fiscal responsibility? How much did all the Trump lawsuits trying to find ballots that didn't exist, which were so laughable that some had the wrong state listed in the suit, cost taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

Worried about 10k, when Hunter's papsmear stole billions- dat is priceless.