Police Body Camera Tech Debuts In KCK

The era of mass surveillance is underway in The Dotte as the illusion of safety is celebrated in theory and before so many activists realize that tech might only make their problems even worse.

Take a look . . .

KCK Police Department unveils new body camera system

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV)-- The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is rolling out a new integrated camera system to record video and audio of police interactions with the public. The system includes multiple cameras inside squad cars, as well as body cameras. "It's a protection for both the community and the officers.


  1. Oh noes! Unsubstantiated claims of police brutality will plummet!

  2. ^^Oh Noes! Maude's up and lonely again.

  3. ^^Oh noes! Chimpturd has been eating his own feces again LOL!

  4. They should show the police body cam coverage 24 / 7 on public television so the public can see the violence and physical attacks that the police officers have to put up with every day.

    KCPT-19 would actually provide a public service for the taxpayer dollars that support that worthless station.

  5. ^^and yet only geriatric fucktards complain about public TV. Weird.

  6. ^^and yet, only geriatric fucktards complain about other geriatric fucktards. Weird.

  7. I'm always good with body cameras. It demonstrates the professionalism that those people show when dealing with a mostly illiterate public.


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