Overland Park Outrage Against Epidemic Of Asian-American Attacks

The metro is increasingly diverse and this community leader outcry is worth considering amid the spike in reported violence across the nation. 

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Overland Park woman speaks out against attacks on Asian Americans

Since the pandemic started, communities are reporting violent attacks against Asian Americans.


  1. Ah so, quit eating dogs and causing pandemics and Americans will treat you well.


  2. ^^^actually, Americans will be grovelling before the Chinese..after Beijing Bidet sells us out to his Chi-com masters.

  3. Join the club, everyone is a victim of black attacks.

    Black violent crime on everyone else is way out of proportion of attacks by others on blacks.

    Why is that?

  4. As long as there is a revolving door on the nations jails, the violence against ALL Americans will continue. Libs always have to hang a race on things.

  5. Just when I think channel 9 has reported their last incomplete story, they do it again. How do they stay in business??

  6. Why doesn't KMBC-9 report accurately that it is violent black men sucker punching elderly Asians from behind.

    KMBC-9 is as Marxist these days as the Kansas City Star and CNN which I guess they have to be since they are an ABC affiliate run by George Stepanolupuss.

    Their broadcasts are lies and they withhold anything positive about Conservative Americans and President Trump over his four-year term.

    No longer the station of Larry Moore that is for sure.

  7. Asian women are hot! And Asians have much higher IQ's than other races. Thats a fact.

  8. Can we please talk about the overland park epidemic of asian owned "massage parlors"?

  9. it's the year of the metal ox.

  10. be kind to all cloven footed.

  11. Actually, Black people tend to love to kill Asian store owners in most major cities. Ditto with them killing People from India. Yet, we never bring up that it is a racist attack. I'm deeply surprised we even mention any Racism on Asians, whites or any other people besides the constant 24/7 media cries that blacks are the only victims of Racism. Whatever the media wants, you get. You then spill Parrot puppet scratched needle on the record demands. Welcome to the pussy filled crybabies of 2021. Most of you are in denial, big times.

  12. Blacks assaulting Asian people is a sport. There are THOUSANDS of videos on the black internets where they intentionally target Asians and elderly white people.
    Black criminality is the new privilege.


  13. But yet no one seems to go after the black people in this country and they are the ones who are doing most of the killing around here. Instead we are praising them.

  14. Black males aged 15-35 make up 3% of the nation’s population and are responsible for:

    53% of all mass shootings
    52% of all homicides
    42% of all murders of on-duty police
    30% of all rapes
    56% of all robberies
    33% of all aggravated assaults
    30% of all burglaries
    38% of all 'Violent Crime'
    33% of all crimes against 'families and children'


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