Thursday, February 18, 2021

Old School Kansas Senator Bob Dole Shares Cancer Diagnosis

Sad news from this longtime GOP stalwart . . .

Former Senator Bob Dole diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer

by: Juan Cisneros Posted: / Updated: WASHINGTON - Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole announced on Twitter Thursday that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The statement says that his first treatment will begin on Monday.


Anonymous said...

I rarely agree with Bob Dole, but he's a class act--a genuine war hero and patriot. I'll miss him.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dole makes the current Kansas Senators look like the clueless gutless hacks that they actually are.
Dole's a really class act and shows what real leadership and responsible effective legislative leadership looks like.
And Hawley couldn't carry this guy's socks.

KC said...

Looks like a shell of the great man he once was.

Anonymous said...

A class act that is going to live long enough to catch everything. Go Bob Go

Anonymous said...

Bob is greatly missed by many now in politics and it sounds like life has dealt him a bad blow. Stage 4 at age 97 is hard to beat, but he's beat death several other times.

So sad to see a great man like this who was a true leader and then you look at what thinks are true leaders today. AOC isn't classy enough to even shine Bob's shoes.