Newsflash: Kansas Votes Republican

This morning, longtime local hack C.J. graces us with a stunning insight: Kansas is much more Conservative than California.

She backs up this fascinating treatise with garbage she recently watched on MSNBC which chronicles a migration from Cali to Topeka that might be more hype than news fact.

And what's more important than any of this is that partisan hack blogs DEMAND AT LEAST 50 BUCKS A MONTH for this groundbreaking analysis.

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What California refugees need to know about Kansas before moving here | Kansas Reflector

We got news the other day that tech workers in San Francisco, defeated by the cost of housing and other annoyances, " can't leave the Bay Area fast enough." They're fleeing for places that aren't much better, like Miami and Austin, but the New York Times story about all this did mention Topeka.


  1. Kansans agree with the author. Keep Californians in California.

  2. Unfuckinbelievable- Idiot Progressives flee like crazy the dystopian hell they have created in California and THIS-

    "In November, Alana ran for the Kansas House. She lost in typical rural-Kansas Democrat fashion, getting 25% of the vote compared to Republican Kent Thompson’s 75%. But at least she ran. Now she’s the party’s 2nd Congressional District chairwoman.

    “Democrats have just been really quiet in rural areas,” she says. “I’m trying to get people to just run, just start letting people know that we’re here. I mean, that’s why I ran.


    There’s not a line of electricians who share your politics, he says.

    “It means you’ve got to suck it up a little bit and realize that you’re going to be working with people who have different opinions,” he says. “But the flip side is also true: We are here, and we are who we are, and those people have to work with us.”

    This is the kind of stupid you just can't fix. The hubris, the narcissism, the astounding lack of self awareness.


    What fuckin idiots.

  3. "I wouldn't put it past Joe to fu*k things up."
    -- Barack Hussein Obama

  4. ^^and he hasn't so far! He's been a Godsend!

    1. I'm not sure about that. God does not favor abortion or bearing false witness or transvestites.

    2. He sure has sent a lot of people to God with his incompetence, if that's what you mean, old chimp! Lol

  5. Johnson County has got the Jackson County dummocrat virus. Things will start going downhill for Johnson County in the future.

  6. ^^OK Boomer. Best thing about it is you'll be dead and gone so....

  7. Incredible. California is a state blessed with geography, climate, and location that make it almost irresistible. Nice weather year-round. Fresh agricultural products, and ease of access to the ocean, mountains, and international travel. There's not many people that could argue with that - that's why everyone from every socio-economic and ethnic background flocked there over the past 50 years and that's the reason their economy has boomed.

    Of course, they f&*('ed it up though. Their politics has made it intolerable enough that people would leave for Humbolt, KS. That's nothing against Humbolt. If Kansas were on the West coast and Humbolt shared the same geography, location, and climate it would be AWESOME. Unfortunately, it's not. The politics of CA have made a paradise into a toxic environment that people are leaving.

    PLEASE - leave your politics in CA. Come to KS for what makes it great. Leave your baggage in CA. Leave your centuries of racism, high taxes, anti-religion, class warfare, corruption, and inequality there. We like our communities. We like our shared values that's tolerant and accepting. Sure, we may not take part in some of your opinions - but we'll let you be yourself. Just please don't turn us into another CA. It's happening in TX and CO. We have a great state for a reason.

  8. ^^^ Ding Ding - Sad that CA is exporting the one thing that makes it intolerable. Hope they can learn from Humbolt rather than try to destroy it. This author is clueless. She should move to Humbolt, CA and enjoy what it has to offer.


  9. Cali liberals are moving into rural Missouri by the droves and they are boycotted and treated badly. If they know what is good for them they won't continue to move here. We are not putting up with their violence. The good news is they don't usually stay very long it's culture shock to them they need to move on. There's some nice sayings to copy off of your computer to tell them to go back to Cali and Don't California my Missouri. Kansas needs to the same thing or they will ruin your state just like they did Cali. They are idiots.

  10. ^^OK Boomer. And yet not one word you said is true. You're lying again. Typical. Weird.

  11. ^^ Back to your cage Chimpy. The bananas are waiting.


  12. first thing the new Democrap Cali arrivals in the Midwest ask:

    "hey!..where are all the gay bars?"

  13. ^^and yet why do all the people ask you Boomer cocksucker? Weird.

  14. ^^ ehh...half way funny, asshole..fuck you anyhoo..

  15. The increase of East and West coasters in JOCO and their socialist ideas gave birth to Big Chief Davids going to congress. When you leave a shit hole because you voted for socialist ideas and they didn't work don't come here and do the same stupid thing again. We don't think what goes on in California is good. Get the message or move back to cali.


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