Newsflash: Kansas & Missouri Can't Drive

A local stat revelation isn't exactly "news" but serves to remind us that Kansas City streets remain exceptionally dangerous and social media is killing people in a way that's more effective than promoting partisan spin or sparking untold envy.

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Kansas, Missouri Ranked Among 10 Worst States for Distracted Driving

Kansas and Missouri just made the top 10 on a less-than-desirable list: the worst states for distracted driving. According to a new study from WhistleOut, Missourians spend 7.35% of their time on their phones while driving. Kansans, ranked the sixth worst state in the country, are even less focused on driving.


  1. We all know why too...... black people that’s why.

  2. Missouri ? Where the Citizens drive in the I-70 passing lane for 80 miles straight ? 25 mph or 85 ...

  3. I get distracted by the BLM murals on the street.

  4. It's not that hard to drive folks. If you really want to see retards behind the wheel stay in Memphis for a few days. Even the people there will tell you they suck at driving. Try pulling a trailer through that shit.


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