New KCI Work Continues Despite Continued COVID Airline Depression

Don't expect a comeback for this beleaguered industry . . . Travel curbs have been tightened and borders closed in light of new Covid variants

KCI single terminal project close to halfway point

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Bitter cold snap doesn't slow down crews working to transform KCI Airport

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - While this week's bitterly cold temperatures forced some schools to close and changed up many of our routines, there's one billion dollar project that can't afford to slow down due to single-digit temperatures: Kansas City International Airport's new single terminal. "It is very cold, and it's been cold for an extended [...]


Anonymous said…
Betting the minority firm that received 40% of the project as part of the MWBE bidding process has not even showed up to work.

Just send them their check each week to stay home and not fuck things up.
Anonymous said…
1:37 that’s what they have always done, they’re getting paid to shut up.

And he is the moron that wrote that article saying cold weather doesn’t slow down construction? That’s a damn lie, you can’t hardly do anything when it’s cold, it slows everything down.
Anonymous said…
Looks like shit... as expected. Thanks for the update.
Tab said…
The money drain boondoggle must go on. There are dim0crat operatives to pay off.