New Kansas City Buck O'Neil Bridge Looks Exceptionally BORING

To be fair, Missouri is out of cash and taxpayers aren't in any kind of mood to kick in more funds.

Still, this transit blogger preview offers a glimpse at a bland design to replace an iconic structure.

Take a look:

First Look at the New Buck O'Neil Bridge

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission awarded the contract for the new US 169 Buck O'Neil Bridge to the winning design-build proposer on Tuesday. I couldn't get my hands on the material presented at the commission meeting because I didn't fill out a Sunshine Law request on...


Anonymous said…
The favelas of Rio de Janeiro are more aesthetically pleasing than this urban hellscape.

Go Chiefs I guess.
Anonymous said…
Where are the places for the panhandlers to stand and beg for money? Asking for a friend.
Anonymous said…
It will be falling apart in 5 years just like everything else in this shithole.
Anonymous said…
Don't need new Bridges.
Need $5/gal. Gasoline and an annual $20,000 tax surcharge on V-8 engines!
Anonymous said…
^^and you will be living in the dark charging your Prius with a gas powered generator. Have fun weirdo!
Anonymous said…
Funny, KCMO and MoDOT thought a new bridge was needed.
Anonymous said…
Given the name of the bridge, shouldn't the revs and "the community" be a part of the design process?
The bridge would end up costing over twice as much because, you know, a little walkin' around money never hurt, and it wouldn't handle the traffic, but it's way more important for the process to be inclusive and reflect equity.
Lucas needs to work on this as soon as he gets back from Tampa.
He is coming back, right?
Anonymous said…
Wait, if I don't have to stop at a light to get on the bridge how are the panhandlers going to pan? This is clearly discriminatory..
Clayton Bigsby said…
As long as meth addicts can pull a heade off of it
Anonymous said…
What about the need for a 1% public arts project? How will the KCAI fairy's ever survive without it? And since it is BHM don't we need a 50" statue of Buck?
Anonymous said…
"don't need new bridges" at 11:20 ? WTF and LOL

the central avenue viaduct is closed over the Kansas river

we are still using th 12th street bridge over a hundred years old

we still using the lewis and clark viaduct over a hundred years old (KS side has just been replaced)

dude, we don't spend any thing on investing in our bridges

but look at the drinking district Power and Light! but look at the streetcar going 2 miles for $100 million! Momentum!

if we had federal representation we would have already had a big new buck o'nail bridge. or ask parson why he favors small never-travelled roads and bridge maintenance over bridges in cities and towns where people who pay payroll taxes live and work.