Missouri Rep. Demands Rioter Equity

A silly argument resurfaces from the Show-Me State. It's not quite a call to support law enforcement despite partisan politics. Instead, the assertion seemingly justifies violence and engages in whataboutism rather than any real debate over rising American anger and politically charged violence.

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Rep. Cori Bush Demands Answers on Treatment of BLM Protesters vs. Trump Insurrectionists

As a leader in the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in St. Louis after the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown, Cori Bush was used to showing up at protests and seeing police, often fully deck out in riot gear, already waiting for them.


Anonymous said…
And yet how many people have died during or as a result of a BLM riot? How many businesses were robbed, looted or destroyed as a result of a BLM riot? Cori needs to shut up.
chuck said…
"A newly-elected congresswoman representing St. Louis in the House of Representatives, Bush is now demanding answers from the Department of Justice about the “disparate treatment” of black protesters who demonstrated in defense of black lives this past summer, and the “white supremacist insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol Building” in January.

“We wouldn’t be able to scale the wall,” Bush tells Rolling Stone. “We couldn’t scale a wall to try to get in — we would have been shot down off of that wall.” In a letter addressed to Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Bush is asking the Department of Justice to release information that would illustrate the differences in treatment. She’s asking for any changes to Department of Justice policies, procedures, guidance about arrest and charging decisions for individuals involved in either demonstrations this summer or at the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Bush is also seeking information about how many people have faced federal charges for participating in Black Lives Matter protests since 2014, and whether they were held without bail. "

Held without bail?

How obtuse is this idiot?

The Biden Harris campaign made bail for hundreds of rioters, looters and felons during the last year and bragged about it.

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Cori Bush is, as is any D卐M☭CRAT whose lips are moving, lying. It's preposterous that this imbecile gets any run, but, that is how BIG TECH and BIG MEDIA protect the "Narrative" of lies, innuendo and obfuscation that elevates retards like this fool into the public square.

BLM/AntiFa were released and encouraged to again, riot, loot, assault and destroy property, people and the economy in the quest for the Oval Office and total power by the D卐M☭CRAT Fascists who now control almost everything in our lives by way of diktat, Executive Order.

D卐M☭CRATs/Biden Harris - made bail for and again, poured fire on the flames of the riots all summer long.

Now, the two tiered justice system is AGAIN in place. The morons that broke into the capital (Along with the poor fools who were ushered in by the police and thought they were sightseeing.) are held WITHOUT BAIL.

No habeas corpus for you white boys!!!!

Fuck the liars and sure as hell fuck that brain dead, lying fool, Cori Bush, who should actually be the one in prison.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Check out how the leftist were treated that occupied the Wisconsin state house. These groups are being treated equally until they get violent. Then the police do not react hard enough. Grow up leftist, you started this crap.
Andrew Cuomo said…
I stand shoulder to shoulder with Cori Bush and I think she is telling the truth. The same 50 "Intelligence" officers who signed the declaration that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Sally Yates, Hayden, Peter Strok just to name a few, also stand with Cori Bush.

Later today, Cori and the aforementioned, intrepid, brave "Intelligence" officers will be signing a declaration, that the people that I killed in New York didn't actually die and the ones that did die, were killed by Trump in nursing homes that he owned in his hotels. What you are hearing on FOX news about 15,000 dead grandmothers is, in fact, Russian Disinformation.

We Democrats hold ourselves, to a very high standard, as does CNN, the Washington Post, The New York Times and the BIG MEDIA that covers us every day.

"Just the facts mam!"

Cuomo in 2024!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Cori Bush needs to be knocked on her ass like Mahomes in the Super Bowl.
KKK From Raytown said…
She's just a Trojan horse. Proud boy in blackface.
D卐M☭CRAT til I die said…
Violence is how we get what we want. The blacks are our foot soldier militia.
Anonymous said…
All you need to know about Cori Bush is that she started her political career based on the lies and nonsense around the Michael Brown farce.
When your foundation is based on a falsehood, it's unlikely that you are going to ever going to be able to recognize the truth.
It's sad that her constituents in St Louis now have the same pitiful "representation" that the KC metro has with Davids and Cleaver.
Even members of their own political party wouldn't recognize them.
Anonymous said…
C'mon man, MB was the gentle giant.
Anonymous said…
^^He sure was after they shot his ass!
Tab said…
When will Cori Bush apologize to Darren Wilson? He was the cop that her, Obama, and Eric Holder used their racism to destroy because he lawfully shot Brown when MB tried to take his gun. Cori is a criminal that should never be given a soapbox to shout her racism from.
Anonymous said…
Bush is a welcome addition to The Squad. She makes the rest of them seem almost rational and smart.
Anonymous said…

Yea Cori let's have that conversation. Why is it that blm rioters weren't arrested! Why is that blm isn't part of a RICO investigation! Why is it that mayors and governors refuse to stop blm and their rioting!

So, yea, let's have that conversation!!
Anonymous said…
Keep whining Dems.
Anonymous said…

Yes, let's have that conversation....this is last night

KC said…
To bad her dad didn't use a Trojan when he knocked up her mother. Must have dripped down from her taint.
Cori Bush said…
I'm a racist nigger hear me spout! If you try to lock me up Biden will just let me out!