Saturday, February 06, 2021

Missouri Ladies Make All The Money

Check insight into the "evolution" of American household income and/or how video games kill motivation.

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Study: 31.1% of Missouri women earn more than their husbands; one of the highest rates in the country

Although female breadwinners in marriages are still in the minority, a study by Self Financial found that Missouri has the 13th highest percentage of women out-earning their husbands. The study also found that female breadwinners are more common in the northeast. // Courtesy of Self Financial.


Anonymous said...

Moral of the story.
Pussy is expensive.

Anonymous said...

In Missouri, it's nursing that drives those numbers.

Anonymous said...

My wife stays home to care for our kids the way nature intended. Progressives have nearly wiped out the traditional nuclear white family with this two parents must work crap, so they'll happily send their kids to be raised by others in the progressive indoctrination ideal. We don't make shit for money, but own our little 1960s ranch and live well enough.