Missouri Hates Wind Power Too

Not to be outdone by their GOP colleagues in Texas or inside the Beltway, Missouri Republicans push back against wind power and denounce allegedly sustainable energy for the benefit of rural news stations and utility company benefactors.

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Missouri House opposes eminent domain for wind-energy line

The bill to stop eminent domain in the project needs another vote of approval in the House before it can move to the Republican-led Senate for consideration COLUMBIA, Mo. - Missouri's GOP-led state House on Tuesday moved to ban the use of eminent domain for a large wind-energy power line planned to span from Kansas to Indiana.


  1. God-damned dumb MAGATS are making America a 3rd world shithole fast.

    1. Coming from a moron who thinks that more than 2 genders is science, but real data is not.

  2. Put one in your yard.

  3. If you’ve ever driven through Palm Springs Ca, you will see mike after mile of turbines across the desert, and all over the surrounding mountains
    That are has some of the strongest wind gusts coming down from the high desert areas
    What you won’t see, is half of them working
    The entire valley is an eye sore, just like western Kansas has become because of them

  4. Wall E. Weasel2/23/21, 11:43 PM

    "God-damned dumb MAGATS are making America a 3rd world shithole fast."

    Speaking of dumb, do you have any familiarity with the project at all? Did you even bother to read the article? Or did you simply reply with a knee-jerk reaction of, "Green energy good. All who stand in its way bad"?

    Let me give you what's called a 'clue' regarding this project. It's a wind farm in Western Kansas that will deliver its power to the Northeast part of the country. In other words, it will export energy outside of the region to be sold at a tidy profit.

    To do so requires a high voltage DC transmission line. Under current MO law, any landowner who refuses to sell a portion or all of their private property for this transmission line will have their land condemned and taken from them without choice. The proposed bill, the one you are railing against, would either revoke the ability of Invenergy Transmission to take these private lands OR force them to provide a tangible benefit to those whose lands are being taken.

    I know you're probably all for this distribution of wealth thing. Power to the people and all that. In this case you're espousing the ability of a private corporation to forcefully acquire land, pay the existing land owner a fraction of the land's value, and then profit off that acquisition for decades.

    There's no need to worry about this. Do not question your thinking or look into future matters for yourself before deciding. Simply continue on with your "green energy good, God-damned dumb MAGATS bad" mantra.

  5. 8:33 ^^ said it all. Only it was about their lack of basic knowledge of The energy grid. Was your stupid ass statement about Supporting Communist China ? The Terrorist of the middle east ? The Cost of a new energy breaking a Country ? ( You and your buds all afford new teslas yet ? ) Your ability to know about storable energy sources ? your lack of knowledge of how wind power is stored in general ? the lack of wind power to provide constant energy like current energies can ? Or just your ignorant hate towards a political figure or his followers ? BTW- I'm not one of his followers. You however are a follower of pure ignorance of an energy system and the ability to maintain it. Keep holding class to display your lack of research. BTW- what is the source of origin for your bromance Teslas ? Wind ? Solar? LOL

    1. Wow. That's really your best reply?

  6. ^^^Wow. That's really your best reply?

  7. Windmills cost more energy to make and put in place then they will ever make. It's a negative gain. Still experimental at this stage. They are very high maintenace that comes with a lot of risk.
    If people could be honest instead of agenda driven they would know that.

  8. Wall E. Weasel2/24/21, 5:36 PM

    "Was your stupid ass statement about Supporting Communist China ?"

    I'll use a simple analogy that you can understand. Suppose XYZ Corporation decides it wants to be in the delivery business. To do this it needs multiple vehicles and there is a finite supply of them. You happen to own a car and it's in a location XYZ Corp finds desirable. So they make an offer to buy your car at less than its real value. If you should choose not to sell your car, the corp will have the state declare your car an unsafe vehicle and have it confiscated. Then the state will transfer ownership of that car to XYZ. XYZ will then use that car to make a profit for the next 75 years. You've lost your car. More importantly, you've lost part of your livelihood because you, yourself, used that car to earn money by driving to work.

    People would be up in arms over such an event. That is, until XYZ Corporation explains, "No, no. It's okay. We're using these acquired vehicles to transport recycled goods and recycling is good for the environment. If you object to us taking these vehicles, you don't care about the environment. If you don't care about the environment, you hate children. Why do you hate the children? What did they ever do to you?" People like yourself then blindly believe anyone who would object to this legalized theft are evil MAGATs who deserve scorn and worse.

    Invenergy Transmission is attempting to build the Grain Belt Express transmission line across Missouri. As planned, the transmission line will not service the areas it travels through. It is exclusively for transmitting cheaply generated wind energy from Western Kansas to the Northeast US where it will be sold at high prices. In order to accomplish this they need to acquire land, principally from farmers who use their land as their very livelihood. They are not just taking the farmer's land. They are taking a part of the farmers' ability to make an income. The landowners (farmers) are not being compensated for this loss of future income in any way. The transmission line only benefits Invenergy. Invenergy has been able to progress in its plan thus far simply by screaming, "Green energy! We need green energy!" whenever any opposition has appeared. If it was transporting coal generated power the public outrage would have been deafening.

    The proposed bill in question would either:

    A. Prevent Invenergy from forcefully taking the land
    B. Require Invenergy to compensate the communities affected by the forced land sales by providing some of the cheaply generated electricity to those communities at low cost.

    Invenergy would obviously choose option B since it allows the line to be built.

    This bill isn't about stalling green energy or even about energy at all. It's about fairly compensating those who would have their property forcefully taken from them by a corporation who would then use that property to make a profit. Invenergy is relying on the wind power aspect of the project to influence public support and get land acquisition rights which are entirely in their favor. Based on some of the comments here I would say that tactic is working.

    You may now proceed to ignore this post and reply with the usual ^^TL;DR and whatnot. Don't forget to make some ignorant comment about China or how those "God-damned dumb MAGATS" are ruining the planet with this bill. Above all, please continue to blindly follow and accept whenever someone even mentions green energy. It's good for the environment. Just hope they don't come for your property the next time.

  9. Wind energy is just making a few contractors rich - very rich. Wind power is actually the most expensive form of energy right now but people don't know it because almost all the money to build it and install and subsidize it is coming from the Federal Govn't. We need nuclear energy.


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