Local Lose/Lose: Kansas City Hopes To Give More Developer Tax Break Cash Back To Pitiful Provisionally Accredited Schools

In spirit we agree with cutting back on corporate welfare.

Sadly, a TON of money redistributed over generations hasn't produced viable results for this town's signature school district.

To be fair, here's hype written from activist notes . . .

Kansas City Developers Were Getting Millions In Tax Breaks - More Of That Money Could Soon Stay With Schools

After eight months of intense behind-the-scenes negotiations, the Kansas City Council is poised to vote on a new policy to rein in tax incentives for development. The Council's Neighborhood, Planning and Development Committee on Wednesday endorsed a measure that reduces available incentives. The ordinance goes to the full Council on Thursday for a vote.


  1. So our tax dollars are wasted on worthless developers or worthless schools and illiterate students.

  2. ^^^^^ @6:53

    Yes you got that right. I know black kids from KCMO schools that are illiterate. It would be different if our white kids could go to public schools in KC but they can't. They give these kids everything but learning. All they do is get pregnant and destroying the city with their hate and racism and handouts while others have to pay even more for their kids education. Something really wrong with that.

  3. ^^^ don’t forget three meals a day, free laundry and taxi rides to school along with baby sitting so....

  4. Looks at me I's can provisionally reed ! Lol and these illiterate urban youth want 15 dollars an hour to mop floors and steal from the employer.


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