Leawood, Kansas Real Estate Pr0n Exposed

For those who don't know, if Paris Hilton lost ALL of her cash and gained about 75lbs. She'd still be the richest and classiest person in Leawood, Kansas - Sorry but that's the best analogy we can develop to explain the ethos of this Kansas City metro high class enclave.

Accordingly, a dutiful local real estate blogger offers even better perspective and insight . . .

"A look at one of the most EXPENSIVE and one of the best Kansas City suburbs, Leawood Kansas! This vlog takes you to see the homes, shopping, and outdoor areas that make Leawood an awesome and pricey Suburb of the Kansas City area. With lots to do, low crime rate, and highly rated schools, Leawood is a cant miss for a growing family."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Leawood is right next to Kansas City. There is nothing to stop crime at the border, it will overflow into Leawood.

  2. The married Catholic blondes from Leawood that I meet at the tennis clubs are always hot to trot and screw around on their hubbys. Spoiled girls they are.

  3. Yep south of river on state line across from failed Center school district. Sell your house and run north while you still can make something off your future section 8 house.

  4. Is this guy trying to be a douchebag character, or is that really him? Is this parody?

  5. ^^^ Following your lead. "he's our leader, "he's the one that sucks are.."

  6. Ah yes. I knew as soon as I saw I was getting more views than normal it had to be my video is on Tonys Kansas City! I am pleasantly surprised only one person thinks "I'm a douchebag character" and more people aren't making fun of my low IQ because of my tattoos.

    But I think I found my tagline for my videos. "I'm Ben Miller and I am a real estate douchebag!" I think I could really get some traction with that.

  7. i've the feeling that most of those leawood homes built some 50 - 60 years ago were just plans/blueprints that just weren't quite good enough design wise to be put in better areas of joco.


    Too White?
    Too Wealthy?
    Mayor is a privileged wealthy White woman married into JE Dunn Construction family?
    All-White Mayor and Council (9 members)?
    White male Fire Dept. Chief?
    White male Police Dept. Chief?

    Leawood Kansas, where they publicly pretend to be Woke, but their practices prove that they're old-school Conservative.
    Who resides in Leawood? The CEO of KC Public Television, Burns and McDonnell executives, local TV station managers and on-air staff, many of KC's largest business owners, real estate developers, white-collar professionals, etc.

    Fact: Quinton Lucas never turns down a financial contribution from his wealthy support base in Leawood KS.

  9. ^^Boring. move on.

  10. Caret-top^^ is my biggest fan!
    Now if only he could learn to read the words and comprehend.


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