Kylr Yust Defense Wants Out Of Kansas City

Unfortunately, we have to offer credit where it's due . . . This is one of the best defenses we've seen in a recent local murder cases and constant challenges to local authorities seem to be pushing back hard against lawyers who don't typically get this kind of resistance.

Here's the latest move . . .

Kylr Yust lawyers ask for change of judge ahead of double murder trial

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Defense attorneys for Kylr Yust filed a motion in Cass County last week asking for a change of judge ahead of his upcoming double murder trial. The defense filed the motion on Friday, saying they received an anonymous letter that alleged Judge William Collins has ties to one of the victim's families.


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  3. 2:14pm

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  5. Yust is a piece of excrement who should have been killed first then tried in absentia if they felt like wasting taxpayer dollars. That said, Bill Collins is one corrupt piece of schit. If you have any dispute with his local boys in blue, you'd better make damn sure you don't end up in his courtroom. Even with indisputable dash-cam footage and GPS telemetry.


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