KCPD Prep For Another Season Of Protest

Local news offers a quick peek the local police perspective before the next round of politically charged activism that's tacitly endorsed by 12th & Oak in order to garner city hall control of the cops . . . And their far more desirable pension fund.

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The People and the Police: Where KC stands on police reform, body camera demands, 8 months after protests

More than eight months after protests in Kansas City called for wide-ranging police reform, some demands of protestors have made progress, while others have stalled.The first demand on a list authored by protest leaders and signed by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is getting local control of the Kansas City Police Department.


  1. These "forums" are some of the most uninformed silliest nonsense imaginable.
    Justis Horn playing the role of the advocate for local control of the KCPD while at the same time fronting himself as a spokesman for the local "trans" community.
    And any state-wide vote on the issue will cost millions and fail miserably.
    The real question isn't what these folks DON'T WANT.
    It's what they imagine will replace it.
    Insiders, grifters, and the usual suspects "running" the police department.
    What could possibly go wrong?


  2. Protest all you want, but the police are going to do their job. So why not join society and become a good citizen instead of acting like morons with a mommy and daddy and/or, my great great great grandfather was a slave issue. It's old and it doesn't work anymore. Grow up! Don't be weak, the Jews went through way more and they are good citizens not cry babies.

  3. Sure, let’s protest the police but not the murderous blacks or that worthless piece of shit Petersucker for letting these murderous thugs go free every time thy murder an innocent. Typical dumbass dimwit city right there.

  4. ^^OK Boomer. It's the weekend. take it easy, you've got nowhere to go, you'll be here 24/7. Save some of this for later. OK Boomer?

  5. I'm erect Bunch2/26/21, 6:01 PM

    When asking where or what KC thinks, you should not include North of The River in such a headline.

    Whole different thing. If smart, they will secede from the South.


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