KCMO Mayor Q & Dr. Rex Cured COVID???

Check this tribute to curfews and other precautions that have earned high praise amongst politicos and the media and NOWHERE else . . .Read more:


Consistency praised after additional counties lift early closing restrictions on bars and restaurants

OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) - Friday night marked the first weekend in months when many area bars and restaurants were allowed to stay open past midnight. This week, three more metro-area governments dropped their closing time restrictions. Kansas City, Missouri lifted its restrictions on hours last Friday.


  1. Throughout the pandemic Quinton and Dr Rex made sure the gay bars were open past midnight. People were welcome at gay bars as long as they entered through the back door.

  2. Dat backdoor stuff scare me sumpting awful. Lordy lordy...

  3. It’s a miracle! The cdc has reported a 77% decrease in new cases since chyna flu joe took over as president asterisk!

    Quick! Somebody call the pope! There’s been a miracle!

  4. it's just a matter of time before people start getting sick again by letting their guard down. alcohol does that to people you know.

  5. ^^^ so you’re saying alcohol will make you sick? Who’da thunk It!

    I thought all those hangovers was the Kung fu flu!

  6. Lucas and Archer... Biggest idiots in KC.

  7. Those two idiots couldn’t cure a ham!

  8. Maybe if Mayor Lickass hadn't pissed off Jefferson City he wouldn't find himself in this situation. That boy is so like the Chiefs, one and done.


    Offshore "gain of function" viral pathogen research to China after Congress bans it in the U.S. Use American tax dollars to help build the research infrastructure in Communist China. This is the cover-story after the Wuhan wet-market fabrication is quickly discarded.

    Coordinate the plandemic timeline to serve multiple purposes (economic, domestic political, authoritarian, geopolitical). Inform the key players by October 2019 at the World Economic Forum, Event 201, WHO meeting, etc.

    Late 2019-early 2020, China locks down Wuhan in a demonstration of Communist efficiency. Currently, China claims only 4843 deaths from the virus, while the U.S. leads the world with 504,654 deaths, which is more than 3X 2nd-place India's total. THINK ABOUT IT! An actual worldwide pandemic that hits the U.S. the hardest, while largely leaving much poorer Third World countries alone. This is a preposterous bullshit story, and you shouldn't believe it.

    Enforce the plandemic by purposely utilizing a faulty PCR testing scheme that never tested for the virus, was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool, and can easily be manipulated to produce false positives by setting the cycle threshold limit too high.

    The 2020 national election is rigged in plain sight when swing-states conduct a coordinated late-night shutdown to manipulate vote totals.

    Federal/state governments and propaganda corporate media implement illogical draconian anti-virus measures like masking, quarantines, and school/business/church shutdowns. FEAR is the best tactic to manipulate the public, short of overt force.

    Trillions of dollars are being transferred from federal/state treasuries to those playing a part in the charade. Long live the welfare-state.

    Just get it over with already!
    Declare that you're a forever victim.
    You were born a man, but are now a transgender woman serving the Biden administration.
    Your pronouns are "them" and "they" and you're a non-binary thing.
    White people are evil, especially white males and their toxic masculinity.
    Police are the criminals.
    Rioting, arson, looting, physical violence are mostly peaceful acts.
    It's patriotic to burn the American flag.
    The U.S. military should be abolished.
    All Black people deserve reparations because they're helpless victims.
    Latinos need to quit working so hard and get on public assistance.
    The U.S. should eliminate our immigration laws, and volunteer to take in millions of immigrants from China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
    Free healthcare, housing, food, education, X-box, and Nikes are a human right.

  10. Hey, Trump is gone, it's safe (politically expedient) to open now!!


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