Kansas Republicans Threaten To Cancel COVID Crackdown Next Month

The state of emergency seems to be coming to and end as GOP lawmakers flex on the Guv and offer their supporters a sign of hope for a return to "normal" that's never going to happen.

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GOP leaders: Kansas' virus emergency might end March 31

The comments from Senate President Ty Masterson, of Andover, and Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop, of Wichita, are significant because a law enacted last month keeps the current state of emergency in place only through March 31.


  1. That comes as no surprise from these MAGATs. The Covid numbers are finally starting to drop and these dipshits want to open everything up again to continue the infections and deaths.

    1. I truly, truly wonder if you are actually so ignorant as to buy into the covid progressive hype devoid of any fact or critical thought, or are just parroting the talking points of the hive-mind.

  2. What's taken them so long!


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