Kansas Republicans Fear Consequences Of More Weed & Medicaid

The Kansas GOP is skeptical about the new plan from the Democratic Party leader. Meanwhile, it's getting tougher to convince broke-ass Americans about the evils of weed and freebie healthcare.

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Kansas lawmakers speak out on Kelly's plan to legalize medical marijuana, expand Medicaid

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Kansas lawmakers are speaking out about Gov. Laura Kelly's plan to legalize medical marijuana. Kelly has a plan to pay for Medicaid expansion. She wants to legalize and tax medical marijuana to fund Kancare, the program that would offer low-cost healthcare to 165,000 Kansans in need.


  1. The state is quickly moving in to capitalize from the traditional vices. First it was gambling. Now it is drugs. What will they legalize and tax next - prostitution?

  2. )h no Maude! I'm clutching my pearls! What ever will we do?

  3. the only traditional vices kansas has ever had was to put away the six shooters and start toting the bible - how does a state capitalize off of that?

    what is the percentage of hunting/fishing revenue that the state gets these days? i couldn't believe some time ago how much they were raking in or taking from kwpd - highly disappointed.

  4. FREEDUMB!!! Right, MAGATS? Right?!

  5. Your dumb has always been free.

  6. if you think about it a little the only people that would qualify for medical reefer are the same people that have health problems already.

    who would want to hire a person like that? i like to think most or all clean people already have good jobs - surely there are some potential, educated, clean new hire candidates somewhere.

    sounds a little like the state is using already sick people as an excuse for no legalization. how long can that excuse last? hopefully it won't before he state totally fails coffer wise.

  7. ^^OK Grampy, Matlock's on.

  8. 11:16. In your case, probably burn in hell fire for all of eternity.


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