Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Kansas Payouts Corrupt

Good government news or lack thereof . . . Here are more deets on the dismal state of the Kansas safety net that mostly supports the criminal class.

Check-it . . .

Half of state unemployment payouts may be overpayments or fraud - The Sentinel

As Kansas grapples with record levels of unemployment claims and rampant fraud, economist Michael Austin, Director of the Kansas Policy Institute's Center for Entrepreneurial Government (which owns the , took a deep dive into the numbers. He estimates that roughly half of all unemployment payouts from Dec. 26, 2020, through Jan.


Anonymous said...

Sentinel reports real news. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Kansas is still freaked out over flat screens.

Anonymous said...

My step son now has to figure out what to do after receiving a 1099 from Kansas which shows he was given $5,000 in benefits he never got and never applied for. KDOL has no idea what it will mean to deal with the IRS because of their gross incompetence! Someone has $5,000 in their bank account thanks to KDOL.