Kansas Fights Over Trans Student Sports

Today's debate focused on bullying, most of which comes from busybody adults targeting youngsters for culture war political vendettas.

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Critics: Kansas bill on trans athletes will cause bullying

LGBTQ-rights advocates warned Kansas legislators Tuesday that their discussion of a proposed ban on transgender students in girls' and women's school sports would lead to bullying, and one group promised to sue the state if such a law is enacted.


  1. Ryann Brooks is mistaken.

  2. Just because someone wants to be transgender does not give them the right to play Women's sports or to occupy a girl's locker room.

    America has become insane with this perverted crap and the rest of the world laughs at our country for this.

    Back in the '70's and 80's women were outraged at the East German women Olympic teams as those women took testosterone and looked like men competing against women. No different.

  3. Those leftists sure are into science. Except when it comes to every cell in your body knowing if you're male or female.

  4. "I'm tired of burying trans kids," said Kendall Hawkins, policy coordinator for the Kansas chapter of GLSEN, an LGBTQ-rights group. "Why aren't you?"

    Screw you Kendall. I'm tired of burying honest to God biological female athletes.


  5. if dudes want to scam girls' sports scholarships by claiming to be a chick..fine!

    just one requirement...chop it off!

  6. Just make trans sports leagues. 3 sexes 3 games to fill the stands. Oh boy ! While we are at it how about leagues by race ? White MLB and NFL and Black. See which leads the ratings. Geeezit this Karencratic crap is getting old.

  7. The water are turning the frogs geh.


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