Kansas Endures Latest Catholic Abuse Crisis

More deets here on tragic circumstances confronting clerics in rural Kansas.

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Dodge City bishop steps away during abuse investigation

DODGE CITY, Kan. - The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Dodge City has stepped away from his duties after being accused of abusing a minor, the diocese announced Monday. Bishop John Brungardt denies the allegations and will cooperate with the investigation, the diocese said.


  1. The Catholic church calls Jesus a failure. His death on the cross "cant save you" they claim (per the Treaty of Trent).

    You have to work your way to heaven with good works or time spent in purgatory - WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES!

    Jesus is really pissed off about this! How dare they call him a failure. They will be crying out Christ's name for all eternity as they sit in the darkness of hell.

  2. A false religion without a single original idea. From Zoroastrianism it stole the war between heaven and hell, from Mithraism it got the Roman Army to force it down people's throats and destroy the old temples, from Judaism it stole everything. You can draw a straight line from Calvary to Auschwitz. There was no virgin birth, and Jesus cannot save your carcass. Try dedicating yourself to virtue and then you won't send your children to be buggered by queers wearing funny clothes and crosses.

  3. So, TKC is censoring/deleting comments now?
    Or is there some reason comments disappear?


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