Kansas City Works To Save The Grid

Or, a warning that hefty sweaters will soon be part of cowtown fashions for more reasons than normalizing fatties.

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What needs to be done to avoid future rolling power outages

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As we slowly start to warm back up, the threat of more rolling power outages is much lower. But many are asking if it's possible to prevent something like the outages we've had this week. Like thousands around the metro, Diane Charity was frustrated by rolling power outages.


  1. I would worry more about how you are going to eat and buy gas for your vehicle instead of power. It's scary what some farmers and ranchers are saying right now.

  2. How come there's now $5.00 gas?? You guys said it was coming? Where's the $5.00 gas??? I don't see it. Missouri is averaging $2.27 per gallon. How come it's not here? I guess Joe Biden is doing one hell of a job!!!

    1. Give him time naps and applesauce his priority now

  3. Since Missouri has Hydroelectric Plants that produce more than two times the Electrical Power that the State consumes, and has been doing so since 1963, I think any Electrical Power problems the State faces result from exporting too much of that production, a function controlled by State Government.

    Maybe Jefferson City should act to assure adequate power goes to Missourians and let Memphis and the rest of Western Tennessee take care of itself.


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