Kansas City Works Diligently To Justify COVID-Era Gentrification

In the aftermath of rampant American protest and worsening class-division, locals hope that updating jargon and spreading more cash around will help facilitate "investment" and a spate of new development within the urban core.

And so, here's a helpful guide that offers a glimpse at new programs and buzzwords available to profit from the age-old capitalist practice of buying low and selling high.

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How a Kansas City neighborhood is protecting renters while investing in itself

Cities are engines of economic opportunity, but at the neighborhood level, this opportunity is often inequitably distributed. Stark neighborhood disparities have become a tragic norm in American cities, as demonstrated through the research of economist Raj Chetty and on-the-ground in places such as Kansas City, Mo., where the city's wealthiest ZIP code sits alongside its most incarcerated and murder-stricken one.