Kansas City Westport Sex Assault Cont'd

Law firm notes in the aftermath on an ongoing complaint and scary deets and allegations confronting a local biz . . . Read more:

Two years after the incident, a Westport sexual assault case still lingers in traffic court

Kendra O'Sullivan outside the courthouse, on one of her many trips back to Kansas City during a pandemic. // Photo courtesy Kendra O'Sullivan Kendra O'Sullivan is tired of her Kansas City commute. No, not from her apartment to work each day.


  1. Joe Biden is accused of sexual assault by a former staffer and proven to have inappropriately touched many women, yet millions still voted for him anyway.

  2. Where are the SJWs on a real crime like this? Kendra is not some Christine Blasey Ford faker making this up for political reasons. And WTF with the JaxCo prosecutor? He no longer lives here so our community is safe? When Xiang Jun Wang rapes another woman in a different town, I hope they prosecute him AND Jean Peters Baker and Jill Icenhower. Fuck all them. Politics first, woman and public safety last.

  3. ^^^ it is Petersucker we’re talking about here, she could care less about anything, she only goes after cops now, it’s her only priority. That and letting the murderous blacks go after they murder someone.

  4. Trump faces court for possible raping a women in a department store dressing room. She was smart enough to SAVE her clothes that have a rapist's DNA on them. She is currently suing Trump for slander - as he said publically that he never met her!

    She was a well know socilite in NY in the 1990's. She has "someone's dna". And that person will end up IN PRISON

  5. ^ yeah right 6:46; Trump is a unique, tall, internationally known figure.

    I am sure he was hanging out in the Department Store dressing room raping women as they changed clothes and no one could identify him.

    You and CNN are so fucking stupid.

  6. There is no political motivation for Jean Peters Baker to take on this difficult case. She is scum.

  7. Jackson County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jill Icenhower should be fired!! Just because he isn't in the KC community does not mean he didn't commit a felony and shouldn't be prosecuted.

    After being in law enforcement for 20+ years what I see is a prosecutor who is to lazy to do their job. And JPB should not put up with this, I bet if this lady was a woman of color there would be a different outcome.

    The city charge should be dropped and if Jackson County won't prosecute it the Mo Attorney General's office should step in and prosecute the case.

    Jackson County this is what you get when you elect then re-elect a lib!!! Congrats, this is appalling on so many levels.


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