Kansas City Tuesday News Chug

Right now hottie Demi inspires us to celebrate the current warmup and drink in a healthy display of pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Classic KC Bling Debuts

Silver flask, jewelry, other items linked to Kansas City history up for auction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The historical estate of two very colorful characters from Kansas City is being auctioned off. By 1953, Nelly Don had created one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the world. She was married to U.S. Senator James A. Reed. The couple's son, David, and his wife, lived in a home near [...]

Savor Lockdown

Shut the Front Door: Guy Fieri brings Flavortown Kitchen to Kansas City

I'm God fearing, and we're rolling out looking for America's greatest diners. Drive ins and dives. I love him. We all know Guy Fieri as the mayor of Flavor Town on Food Network's diners drive ins and dives, he's known for taking viewers on road trip to restaurants across America.

Tragic Legacy Demolished

Buildings being demolished near KCK's Schlitterbahn water park site for new $330 million development project

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Two buildings near the former Kansas City, Kansas Schlitterbahn water park site are currently being demolished to make way for a new $330 million development project that includes a major multi-sport athletic complex and performance center, along with a youth baseball complex.

Sunny Double Take

Demi Rose shows off her eye-popping assets in a plunging bikini

She is known for sharing sizzling snaps on social media. And Demi Rose was up to her old tricks once more on Tuesday as she posed up a storm in a tiny bikini during her extended stay in Ibiza. The Wolverhampton-born beauty, 25, preened and posed on her Instagram stories as she showcased her heaving cleavage in a plunging bikini.

No Prez Vaxx Mandate

Why President Biden can't make states vaccinate teachers - or anyone else

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden wants to vaccinate teachers to speed school reopenings, but more than half the states aren't listening and haven't made educators a priority - highlighting the limited powers of the federal government, even during a devastating pandemic.

Republicans Confront Demands Of Dreamers And Workers

Republican plan would raise minimum wage to $10 but only if businesses are required to ensure worker legality

WASHINGTON - Republican Sens. Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton are proposing to raise the federal minimum wage to $10, but only if businesses are required to use the internet-based E-Verify system designed to prevent employers from hiring undocumented workers.

Change Up Realized

We Found Before Pictures Of Kim And Kanye's House On Zillow And They Really, Really Changed Things

Look what they've done to the place. And now that they're divorcing, let's revisit one of my favorite things about the Kanye and Kim era: the $50 million house they bought and all the weird things they did to it. You most likely know by now that Kim and Kanye basically live in an abandoned museum.


Tiger Woods involved in Los Angeles car crash, first-responders needed 'jaws of life' to remove him

Tiger Woods was injured in a serious car crash Tuesday and needed to be extricated from his vehicle with the "jaws of life," the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said. Woods was the sole occupant in the crash near the Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

EPIC Hip-Hop Spin

Rapper Tekashi 69 Flaunts New $1 Million Spinning Chain on Social Media

By Tatayana Yomary There's no denying that the "Trollz" rapper takes pride in ruffling a lot of feathers. And many times, he's often in a beef with a fellow rapper. From Meek Mill to Casanova, his enemy list is quite extensive. Aside from the drama, he always makes it a point to make his presence known via his jewelry.

Royals Unmasked?!?

What should the Royals lineup look like in 2021?

The Royals made some upgrades this off-season to a lineup that finished with the third-fewest runs scored in the American League last year, by adding first baseman Carlos Santana and outfielders Andrew Benintendi and Michael Taylor. While all three are very likely to be in the starting lineup, we don't know how they will fit into the lineup yet.

Historic Defeated Counted

Chiefs' defense shares blame for biggest pass-rush disparity in Super Bowl history

The biggest reason for the Chiefs' 31-9 loss was the disparity in pass-rush pressure, the biggest in Super Bowl history. The Chiefs pressured Brady four times while the Bucs pressured Patrick Mahomes on 29 pass attempts. The largest previous disparity in a Super Bowl was 11.

Enjoy The Weather

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Our evening skies will stay mostly clear while a warm westerly breeze cruises in at a moderate pace. Temperatures will hold in the 40s through the middle evening hours before dropping into the lower 30s by daybreak. Tuesday will bring the warmest air we have seen since December 22nd when we enjoyed an unusually warm day two full months ago.

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Anonymous said…
That's a lot to handle.
Bandit said…
Get over it bedwetters. Everybody is not going to get vaccinated whether you want them to or not.
Myballzitch said…
The KCK sports park will not see1 million people per year. KCK is dreaming the same as KCMO when they claim 25 million visitors anally.
Part of the land should be used to expand the parking lot for Frontier Justice.
chuck said…
Praying for the goat - Tiger
Anonymous said…
Wow, the Kardashian house. That's tragic. The moulding, trim, classical proportions, stair rail... gone. What a shame. It doesn't even look like a house now, maybe its just different tastes betwixt poor and rich. I definitely like other rich peoples houses over this one. Wouldn't live in it even if it was free (and yes Millie, I realize the monthly utility bills on that are more than I make).
Anonymous said…

a bad drive by Tiger...
Anonymous said…

Anyone seen the video about Biden caught colluding with Iran against our own country to take down Trump during his administration? Iran chanting death to America and Biden the intruder in our white house was bashing our country together with John Kerry. Unbelievable. BTW did you see gas prices today? Guess what else goes up in price? EVERYTHING
Anonymous said…
saw $2.49 yesterday - quite a bit of difference from the $1.69 - $1.72 before the election was lost.

i read somwheres like trump can already win 2024 if he chooses to run - {note} the wording i read was not verbatim.