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Iconic old school hottie Pamela looking "nonplussed" next to the potty inspires this #TBT glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City Celebrates Great COVID Eat Out

These Reopened Local Restaurants Are Back and Better Than Ever! - In Kansas City

During the onslaught of the pandemic last year, many restaurants were forced to close. A few went into hibernation mode, waiting for socially distanced crowds to return or Covid regulations to ease up a bit. Several have reopened without fuss or muss-others made a splash. Either way, here are a few local eateries who aren't...

COVID Forges Local Cooperation

Regional emergency managers work together during pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If it can go wrong, Kyle Burns has probably already thought of it. "I have to think about all the bad things that can happen within the city of Overland Park and how we're going to plan for those, how are we going to react to those," explained the emergency management coordinator for the city of Overland Park, Kansas.


Fresh Market donates $30,000 in food to Northeast organizations

By Abby Hoover and Nikki Lansford Fresh Market - Mercado Fresco, the newest addition to the Independence Avenue business community, donated $30,000 worth of food to Northeast organizations working to feed the community.

Pam Calls On Spy?!?

Pamela Anderson Still 'Drunk Dialing' Julian Assange? - Gossip Cop

Last year, one tabloid claimed Pamela Anderson had drunk dialed Julian Assange. Gossip Cop is taking a look back at the bizarre tale. Here's what we uncovered. Last February, NW alleged Pamela Anderson was reaching out to Julian Assange amid her marriage problems with Jon Peters.

Former Prez Trump Suffers Public Tax Time

Trump's tax returns and related records turned over to Manhattan district attorney

Tax records that former President Donald Trump tried to keep secret for years are now in the hands of the New York district attorney.

Hillary Remains Mystery

Hillary Clinton to publish thriller set in aftermath of US political turmoil

Hillary Clinton is teaming up with the award-winning thriller author Louise Penny to write an "international political thriller" in which a secretary of state joins the administration of "a president inaugurated after four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage".

Classics Forsaken

President Biden Revokes Trump's Controversial Classical Architecture Order

Arbiters of good taste often disagree. That is certainly true of architecture. Late Wednesday, President Biden revoked a controversial executive order former President Trump signed in December called "Promoting Beautiful Federal Civic Architecture." The announcement from The White House was included in an executive order that revoked a number of Trump's actions as president.

Capitol Riot Drama Exposed

Woman turned in ex-boyfriend for Capitol riots after he called her a 'moron'

A woman turned her ex-boyfriend into the police for taking part in the Capitol riots, after he called her a "moron" for not believing false claims that 3 November's presidential election was "stolen".

COVID Killed Flu

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US

NEW YORK (AP) - February is usually the peak of flu season, with doctors' offices and hospitals packed with suffering patients. But not this year. Flu has virtually disappeared from the U.S., with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades.

Golden Ghetto Seeks Cure

JOCO health officials to make COVID-19 vaccine available to more people next week

Johnson County, Kansas, health officials said they will lower the COVID-19 vaccination age requirement starting next week.

Kansas City Fight For Access Across Bridge

Northland mom struggles to find wheelchair accessible home, hoping for changes in KC area

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A home isn't a home if you can't get inside. That's the concern of one Northland mom since her family's rented home isn't wheelchair accessible. And she's not the only one asking for comfort for people with disabilities. "II's never been home perfect home because it's so small," said Becca Cooper, [...]

Slight Winter Chill

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Waves of clouds are on the wave for your Thursday. Keep those coats handy it will stay chill through this afternoon. High temperatures are expected near 48 today. We are tracking a few sprinkles for Friday and into the weekend on Saturday as well, but rainfall chances will remain low through your weekend plans.

Calcutta by Lawrence Welk was Billboard #1 in February of 1961 and serves as today's #TBT song of the day. This is the OPEN THREAD for right now.

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More Scoop Served

Meet the new owner of Betty Rae's ice cream in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When people asked Alec Rodgers what he wanted to do after graduating from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, he'd jokingly say he wanted to work at Betty Rae's for the rest of his life. But deep down, he meant it.

Local Retail Adapts

Metro North Crossing chugs along on apartment construction, retail - Kansas City Business Journal

From a retail standpoint, Metro North Crossing has seen a boost in interest since golf and entertainment venue T-Shotz opened in October. Father-and-son project managers David and Daniel Horn expect to identify as many as seven to eight new retail users in the next few months for the 93-acre development at U.S.

Costs Spike Across Kansas City

Utility bills expected to rise as natural gas prices soar

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Utility bills will soon increase due to skyrocketing prices of natural gas. Extremely cold temperatures and an ill-equipped power grid were a deadly combination for the people of Texas. The impact was felt throughout the Midwest as utility companies forced rolling shutoffs. Democratic Sen.

Show-Me Farm Life

Gov. Parson proclaims National FFA Week in Mo., drives tractor to State Capitol

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KFVS) - Governor Mike Parson proclaimed February 20-27 as National FFA Week in Missouri. Missouri FFA President Justin Eddy of Columbia received the proclamation on behalf of the 2020-2021 Missouri FFA State Officer team. "Missouri agriculture has a bright future, and you can see that in action through our FFA members," Governor Parson said.

Rock Chalk Prorate

What Kansas Gas Service says will happen to your bill after Kansas' severe weather energy emergency

by: Mark Feuerborn Posted: / Updated: TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - The Kansas Gas Service told customers Tuesday that higher bills after February's severe weather and rolling outages are possible, though it's too early to know how much higher.

Leader Passes Torch

Urban Neighborhood Initiative CEO Cleaver plans retirement - Kansas City Business Journal

CEO of Kansas City Urban Neighborhood Initiative Dianne Cleaver said she will retire at the end of the year. Cleaver has led the organization since its founding in 2012, according to a release. UNI works to revitalize 10 neighborhoods between Truman and 52nd Street.

KC Rep. Riffs

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver remembers his role in redeveloping 18th & Vine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The historic 18th and Vine district in Kansas City, Missouri, was a priority for then-Mayor Emanuel Cleaver. His theory was, "If people understand our history, they will want to come partake of it and keep it alive." In 1997, the American Jazz Museum opened in the historic area after years of work.

Cash Success Celebrated

Chronicles of KC: Sarah Rector, Kansas City's first Black millionaire

A home in the 2000 block of East 12th Street in Kansas City, Missouri, is in the middle of what used to be the heart of Black Kansas City. Gene Willis with United Inner-City Services gave 41 Action News Anchor Kevin Holmes a tour of the worn-down home and discussed its history.

Saving Grace

Metro man with chronic disease avoids amputation thanks to new trial procedure at St. Luke's

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man facing the amputation of his legs is getting a rare opportunity to avoid that thanks to a doctor at St. Luke's Health System. The treatment is working. The problem stems from peripheral artery disease, which impacts millions of American. Now there's a trial procedure that could help.

Kansas City Animated

Kansas City stop-motion artist painstakingly creates art for stars, TV commercials

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Highly acclaimed stop-motion animation artist Bona Bones jokes that she's following in the footsteps of Walt Disney, only in reverse. "I actually went to the animation school that Walt Disney founded, which is the California Institute of the Arts," Bones said.

Scribe Tribute Shared

The KC Star, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! Sports launch Terez A. Paylor Scholarship

The Kansas City Star, in partnership with The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo! Sports, has launched the Terez A. Paylor Scholarship at his alma mater, Howard University. Awarded to students majoring in sports journalism who carry a minimum 3.0 GPA, the scholarship honors the memory of Paylor, the former KC Star reporter who died unexpectedly earlier this month at the age of 37.

Kansas City Sees The Light

Faith in KC: Healing House helps people in their darkest times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You may never have heard of Healing House or its founder, Bobbi Jo Reed. Hopefully, that means you've never been brought to your lowest point by drug and alcohol addiction. Reed's life journey is filled with dark and awful moments.

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  1. but what about the variants?

  2. Pam Anderson and Eat Out in the same headline.

  3. ^^zzzzzzzzzzz

  4. JoCo drops bar curfew but refuses their in-person speakers.

  5. Getting married to and staying with one of her kids' fathers would have helped her afford better housing. Assuming the dad is not a deadbeat, which in any case should have been a warning not to bear his child.

  6. "President Biden Revokes Trump's Controversial Classical Architecture Order"

    Awwww. We'll never get to see those lost plans of Albert Speer made real.

    1. ^^^^

      Knowledge of history alone gets you the win on this thread. Well played @2:15.

    2. However, the usual progressive conflating of Nazis with people who disagree politically earns the loss. Too bad.

  7. Pam is not nonplussed, she is experiencing soul enrichment.

  8. Biden* Dude in a Dress Appointee Dodges Questions About Whether Children Should Be Able To Transition…

    Dr. Rachel Levine evaded questions from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Thursday regarding Levine’s support for giving children puberty blockers and sex-change surgeries.

    Levine, who is Resident Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary, fielded questions from various lawmakers during a confirmation hearing, but Paul asked especially blunt, pointed, and graphic questions.

    “Genital mutilation has been nearly universally condemned,” Paul began, citing the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations Population Fund. “According to the WHO, genital mutilation is recognized internationally as a violation of human rights. Genital mutilation is considered particularly egregious because, as the WHO notes, it is nearly always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of children.”

  9. Millions Suffering, Countless Suicides, A Pandemic, Civil Strife And What Is Biden*’s Biggest Concern? Your Kid Can’t Buy A Playstation 5…


  10. Hitler had a plan to make all government buildings in Berlin a certain classical style. Speers was the architect. he survived the war, wrote books, and was well known in germany until his death not long ago.

    Crazy rulers always want to make the buildings into something that is a idol for people to worship in the futre.

    Trumps a going to jail for tax fraud. Oh yeh, he did pay $750 in federal taxes one year out of ten, the other years NOTHING

  11. Is that why Lucas hates the bridge design?

  12. Biden is a corrupt Communist Bureaucrat living rich off the peasants.

    China Joe's architectural plan is for everyone to live in Stalinist concrete apartments like they do in Russian and Communist China.

    Everyone lives in a 600 square foot cinder block apartment paying rent to their Communist masters.

    Fuck the Marxist Democrat Party.

    1. Sorry that I include Republicans vote for trillions in debt as the same thing. So, Uni-Party

  13. Donald Trump is a fat, old, dumpy, whiney voiced complainer who is a bad sport and cannot personally accept that he lost by MILLIONS OF VOTES.


    (or his skanky model/hooker/call girl eastern blok wife)

  14. Biden illegally makes millions off the ChiComs and other scum through his son Hunter and they go after Trump when it's likely all on his tax preparers and accountants if there's anything wrong. He likely signed on the dotted line after trusting them to prepare his taxes correctly. If they didn't do it right, it should be on them.

  15. The Libtards in the swing states threw millions of Trump votes in the trash and overcounted Biden.


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