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We're inspired to start Sunday by way of hottie Candice and her panty promo body of work as we share pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City EXCELLENT Cause Needs Help Amid COVID

Harvesters in need of volunteers to help sort and package food

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local food bank Harvesters is looking for volunteers to help feed people in the Kansas City area. This comes at a time when they are very busy due to many people needing food after being hit financially by COVID-19.

KCMO Freebie Cutback

Kansas City Council tightens incentive belt after 10 months of talks - Kansas City Business Journal

This year's wave of development incentive reform has continued sweeping over Kansas City's figurative shores, as City Council members locked in the latest version of an ordinance that remained in committee for the better part of a year.

Football Sneak Peek

J.J. Watt Has Hilarious "Advice" For Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

J.J. Watt has been quite active on social media over the past month. Though he hasn't given any hints about his looming free agency decision, the three-time Defensive Player of the Year has been having fun with the "form police." On Friday, Watt posted a video of himself working out.

Pricey Panties Slip

Victoria's Secret is closing up to 50 more stores this year

Victoria's Secret is continuing to shrink its store count. Its parent company L Brands announced that it plans to permanently close between 30 to 50 stores in the United States and Canada this year.

Hidden Meaning Denied

CPAC Organizer Vehemently Denies Stage Was Designed to Look Like Nazi Symbol

Matt Schlapp, the head of the American Conservative Union who organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference, is pushing back against those who said that the stage for the event that is taking place in Orlando is eerily reminiscent to a Nazi symbol. "Stage design conspiracies are outrageous and slanderous," Schlapp tweeted.

Send Free Money Fast

Third stimulus check: How soon might you receive a $1,400 check?

President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan is moving forward, raising hopes of another round of stimulus checks for most Americans. The House passed the bill early Saturday, and the legislation will now move on to the Senate.

USA Comeback Reconsidered

Biden tells the world 'America is back.' The world isn't so sure.

WASHINGTON - For President Joe Biden and his circle, a low point in America's global standing under President Donald Trump came when he blew up a meeting of U.S. allies in 2018, accusing close partners of "robbing" the United States and hurling insults at his Canadian host.

Ancient Code Exposed

800-year-old prophecy 'predicts US war with Iran before Covid pandemic ends'

An 800-year-old prophecy predicts "the US will go to war with Iran before the coronavirus pandemic ends". The source is based on precise methods to reveal a code in the holy book the Torah. It claims a month before the pandemic fades a global conflict, involving the United States, will break out between bitter enemies Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Joking The Cure

'SNL' has Dr. Fauci hand out coronavirus vaccines on a game show

As more coronavirus vaccines begin to roll out, it may be difficult to know if you're eligible or not, so "Saturday Night Live" tried to help a few lucky folks on Saturday.

Rebuilding Debated

Hunter Dozier, Royals in 'serious' extension negotiations

Third baseman Hunter Dozier and the Royals "are in serious talks" about a multi-year contract extension, according to FanSided's Robert Murray ( Twitter link). Specific terms aren't known, although Dozier has two years of arbitration eligibility remaining before reaching free-agent status following the 2023 season.

Urban KCMO Comeback

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum gears up for new exhibit and initiatives

By John Sharp These years are likely to be the most exciting in the history of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) since it moved in 1997 from a small office into its present 10,000 square foot facility in a building it shares with the American Jazz Museum in the historic 18 th & Vine area, according to Museum President Bob Kendrick.

Sunday Weather Revelations

Windy and cloudy Sunday, pleasant week ahead


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  1. No more ghost stories, time for the nation to wake up.

  2. CPAC vas neffer a member uf de Party, CPAC vas only following orders.

  3. Victoria's Secret would not be closing stores if only they'd add a used panty section.

  4. ^^Help! I’m sooo old!!!!!!! I’m a perverted degenerate geezer who’s all alone. Kill me!!!!!!

  5. ^^^^^^^Beats being the pivot man at a Gay Party like you are

  6. “America is Back!” = America attacks Syria

  7. ^^^ code for the dimwits are back to bombing and looking for some sucker to start a war with!

    By the way, I have a nazi flag and coach stage looks nothing like it, the media is just trying to keep the mythical race war going.

  8. ^^^ cpac stage, stupid spell check

  9. Oh, Katie, I want to love you so good. Love you all night long. Worship that sexy body of yours.

  10. “An 800-year-old prophecy predicts "the US will go to war with Iran before the coronavirus pandemic ends".

    And how old is the United States again?

    But I do believe dementia joe is going to get us in a war with Iran, this has been pre planned by the deep state, why else they take the nuclear football away from ole Alzheimer’s joe? Either they think he will launch nuclear weapons because his brain is fried or the deep state wants to do it and make sure poor ole joe doesn’t “fuck things up again”

  11. Lunch box joe thinks the red button to launch nuclear misses is for ordering lunch! Hahahahaha!

  12. ^^^ Missiles, I cant spell worth a damn today!

  13. “An 800-year-old prophecy predicts "the US will go to war with Iran before the coronavirus pandemic ends". Based on the Torah?

    The Torah GOT IT WRONG when it says and claims the Messiah is yet to come! Someone came 2,000 years ago and healed the blind, sick, insane, crippled unable to walk, unable to talk, those with bleeding issues, the deaf - all in seconds! Even those who were close to him and fell within his shadow was cured. If he was here today, he would put every hospital out of business!

    So the Torah is DEAD WRONG!

  14. I have studied history for over 42 years. Russian, English, French, and more than any other - Germany during 1915 to 1948.

    Trump is exactly copying Hitler and the Nazi method of dividing and conquering a counties political system to gain power. Lying effectively about the other party. Testing mobs to see if they will act under "vague orders" (Capital attack vs "Nazi's night of the broken glass"), use of propaganda (papers vs twitter), angry speeches, making false alliances with Russia, lowering of interest rates, massive printing of money, under reporting unemployment so as to make the unemployed feel "left out" and so angry they would go to war, and of course inciting violence. Its as if Hitler has read the writings of Hitler and copied his M.O. and whats worse is that Trump's family hails from Germany not long ago. Both Hilter and Trump are deathly afraid of Germs. Very troubling.

  15. “Nuclear misses” makes it an intriguing comment so you should accept the original

  16. Words act, words make things happen, Trump's words do things. In the end look at what Trump's words are trying to do.

    MAGA? Really? American is already great, it has been since 1776. Trump is lying when he says it needs to be made "great again". Its is already! What he means is American needs to take over the world, physically and economically. Other countries are NOT stupid. They know what Trump wants to do to them. Hence, China's release of Covid19, a manmade warfare agent that we will not retailate against, as it "could be natural". That sure shut Trump's plan down for now. Would you rather China have shot off nukes at us?

  17. I would ask everyone here to Google something. Please Google Donald Trumps interview where he states possibly 95% man made but realize that the rules or beliefs weren't all thought of all at the same time - good things take time.

    What kind of a person says something like that?

  18. Jan 23 2016

    "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters,” Donald Trump boasted on January 23 2016. He thought his almost unlimited bravado, bombast and dominance of any situation allowed him to get away with anything including murder.

    Remember, Hitler and Charles Manson never killed anyone themselves. They sent their supporters to do the murder. But Trump says he could murder....thats a step further...

  19. I love how TKC post Katie on the nice days, Thank you Tony!

  20. The US military and other countries, will never let Trump back in power, as they fear another Hitler. Mitch Mcconnell said Trump tried to overthrow the US government.

    The easiest way to "eliminate" Trump is to find him guilty of massive tax fraud and get him and his family in jail or give them all felony convictions. Its pretty painless for the country, easy to do, and will be a warning to any other President who over steps his authority. In the olden days it took a JFK assasination and massive coverup. Not anymore, simple law breaking convictions. On March 4th, Biden shall still be President

  21. Fact: JJ Watts can do that weird arms forward squat with more weight than I can on a leg press machine. That's why real football is soccer.


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