Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Kansas City Social Justice Bus Debuts

At the risk of sparking far too much cynicism about post-racial community outreach, we share a quick glimpse at local media promotion of a Kansas City branding deal that might or might not make potholes more pleasant for (broke-ass) riders of every race and creed.

Meanwhille, the pandemic has inspired more people to save up and buy a used car.

Take a look . . .

Urban League, KCATA partner on racial equity, social justice bus

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Urban League of Greater Kansas City partnered with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority to roll out a racial equity and social justice bus. The bus commemorates Black History Month and the Urban League's 100-year civil rights legacy.


Anonymous said...

White folks can the back.

Anonymous said...

All this is going to do is make things worse. My racial hatred started with Barack and Michele Obama and their hatred for white people and Christians it went further this year with mostly black people stealing our election. We fought to free the black people and they slapped us in the face numerous times. My hatred for black democrats is huge and it well only get worse not better. I hate them!

Anonymous said...

This is priceless....if people haven't figured out yet that there is an organized push (this is a small part) for reparations. It's become more & more obvious what the left is doing.

They want your tax money whether your family had slaves or not they want YOUR money!!

People need to speak up or this will only get worse. Just watch as this continues

Anonymous said...

All this protesting and marching and all this virtual signaling and new signs are obviously making a big difference in the "community".
Records homicides in 2020 and well on the way to a new record this year.
Let's paint more streets!

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Does Obama have to write a check, or receive one ?

Anonymous said...


Where is all the BLM money ? Scholarships ? Food banks ? Legal aid ? Small business loans ? They ripped you off everyone that contributed to that shell for the Karencratic party organization.

Anonymous said...


They go with hat in hand to KC's biggest corporations and beg for money to perpetuate their uselessness.

They don't accomplish squat, other than to provide a paycheck and speaker's platform for their leadership.

Fact: Urban League can't survive without White Guilt and federal tax monies.

Anonymous said...


Give me give me give me the free shit army is in charge.

Anonymous said...

that first comment wins it. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

The ride for free shit is not over.

Anonymous said...

Another racist waste of taxpayers dollars. Embarrassing.