Kansas City Saturday News Peek

This morning we start off with just a few local links that are worth a look along with newsworthy hottie CharMac doing her very best to revive a panty brand suffering COVID harsh times. And all of THAT inspires this look at pop culture, top headlines and more . . .

Kansas City Old School Cope With COVID Vaxx Scarcity

Even Though Doses Are Low, Older People In Kansas City Are Getting Help Finding Vaccinations

James Watts was eager to travel again, to see his children and grandchildren. This week, that dream inched a bit closer to reality when the 71-year-old from Kansas City got his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination at the Linwood YMCA. "I want to be able to see (family), with some protection," Watts said.

Contest Betwixt Top Cops

KCPD chief makes friendly 2021 Super Bowl wager with Tampa's police chief

Kansas City police Chief Rick Smith has made a friendly 2021 Super Bowl wager with Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan.In a video posted to the KCPD Facebook page, Smith held up the Chiefs' 2020 Super Bowl ring and the trash-talking began.

Celebrate Hottie Pioneer

Meet Shirley Marley, the woman who created the original Chiefettes Drill Team

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The original Chiefettes Drill Team started in 1965 thanks to an Overland Park woman with a passion for teaching dance. Shirley Marley is 84 years old and is still turning out professional performers from her studio, The Miller-Marley School of Dance and Voice, in Overland Park.

We Remember CharMac

What Happened To Charlotte McKinney After 'Baywatch'?

One of the most notable works that Charlotte McKinney took part in since starring in Baywatch was the film Fantasy Island. The path to stardom is one that is unique for each traveler, and while it may take years, those with the talent and the determination can find a way to make a name for themselves in the business.


Fox Business Network cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight,' one of its highest-profile shows

Fox Business Network viewers may have seen the last of conservative talk host Lou Dobbs, after the cable network canceled his show, "Lou Dobbs Tonight," on Friday. It would be an unceremonious ending for Dobbs, 75, one of Fox Business Network's highest-profile personalities and one of the strongest supporters of former President Donald Trump in cable news.

Prez FAILS Fair Wage

Biden casts doubt on $15 minimum wage hike in Covid relief package

Biden's coronavirus relief plan included a provision that raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the chair of the Senate Budget Committee, has been leading the charge to move it forward in the Senate through the so-called reconciliation process, which essentially allows Democrats to pass a broader coronavirus relief package without GOP support.

Former Prez Trump Debriefed

Biden says Trump should not receive intelligence briefings due to his 'erratic behavior'

President Joe Biden said that former President Donald Trump should not receive intelligence briefings even though they typically have been given to other former presidents. Biden told CBS News in an interview that Trump was "unfit to be president" and his "erratic behavior" is why he should not have access to the nation's classified information.

Insurrection Aftermath Cont’d

Seditionaries: FBI net closes on Maga mob that stormed the Capitol

s prosecutors from the House of Representatives prepare to present their case against Donald Trump at his impeachment trial next week for incitement of insurrection, supporters who heeded his call on 6 January to "fight like hell" and went on to storm the Capitol Building are finding themselves in far greater legal peril.

Payback Promised

'You'll Regret This': House Republicans Swear In-Kind Retribution For Greene Removal

In their arguments against House Democrats stripping Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-Ga.) committee assignments on Thursday, House Republicans repeatedly warned in not-so-subtle terms that when they take power, they will remove Democrats who have made controversial comments. Democrats initially attempted to get Republicans to remove Greene on their own - like they did with then-Rep.

Hip-Hop Comeback

Tekashi 6ix9ine is BACK! Drops New Music, Claims Internet Is Boring Without Him

"Coming to save 2021!! 🔥🌈 Insta becomes entertaining again 😂👊," a fan wrote after seeing the clip. "He's Back! 🐐 is back," other agreed. But, as you can imagine not everyone is pumped to see the 'TuTu' rapper, posting things like, "I blame Covid-19 for this."

Kansas City Coffee Talk

170: KC Coffee Veterans Talk Industry Culture

On this episode of the Northeast Newscast, we're joined by three well-known veterans of the Kansas City coffee scene as part of the Northeast News' Coffee Issue.

Kansas City Repeated Gunfire Warning Habitually Ignored

Kansas City police planning, hoping for fun but safe Super Bowl weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Excitement is building on this final Red Friday before the Super Bowl. As fans prepare for game day celebrations, police are planning how to keep everyone safe. Chiefs Kingdom is pumped, itching for Super Bowl Sunday to arrive. "It's pretty exciting.

TROLLZ - 6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


chuck said…
The FBI is a corrupt, ersatz Gestapo organization that has and is, ignoring the Constitution, the "spirit of the law" and whose number one priority is conjuring up, ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, crimes real, imagined and exaggerated in order to bend to their will and criminalize at the instructions of the Deep State D卐M☭CRATs Trump supporters.

CNN talking heads call for "Drone Strikes" on Trump supporters. Re-education camps for those who don't toe the D卐M☭CRAT talking points and refuse to believe the lies being told about the election of 2020, WHICH WAS RIFE WITH ILLEGALITIES AND PREMEDITATED CRIMINALITY.

Even Time Magazine, gleefully explains how the election was stolen.


They (Time) don't care if you are enraged, because they know we all live now, in the FASCIST STATES OF AMERICA and the "power stemming from the end of the gun barrel" in the hands of the Stasi/Gestapo/FBI/DOJ lizards that rule over us all by way of force and corruption.

Fuck the FBI.

These are American Political Prisoners and the only thing worse than what is going on now, is the insult to our intelligence, which insists that we believe their fuckin goddamned lies or go to jail.

Anonymous said…
HA! Biden is going to raise your taxes and you aren't getting the 15 bux and hour he promised suckers!
Anonymous said…

About time. He's been useless for years. Anyone who followed his financial advice lost money, and his conspiracy theories were just as looney as his stock picks.
Anonymous said…
"Biden says Trump should not receive intelligence briefings due to his 'erratic behavior'"

Translation: Anyone who is fuckin' nuts should not have access to state secrets.
Anonymous said…
Do we have a forwarding address to send Chuck gifts when they send him to Guantanamo Bay?
Anonymous said…
10:06 sorry the tax increase coming this year was enacted by your dear leader and the republican congress when they gave the farm away to the billionaires. Pay up your support got the rich what they wanted and you pay the price, just like those morons wearing work clothes to invade the capital with the bosses phone number on their back.

As usual Chucky is jut full of shit, nothing he writes is true generally more blathering from other morons. You lost get over it you snowflake baby
Anonymous said…
If Biden is in charge it's Biden's tax increase. Are you trying to tell us that he's going to lower it? LOL!
Anonymous said…
President Joe Biden's tax plans were laid out for all to see during his campaign last year. Yet, immediately after the election, conventional wisdom said that Biden wouldn't be able to implement much of his agenda because Republicans in the Senate were going to block most of his tax policies. But that all changed when Democrats took control of the U.S. Senate in January. That means Democrats will control both the House and the Senate for at least the next two years, and Biden's tax plans have been resuscitated because of it.

He won't get everything he asks for, though, because the Democratic majorities in Congress are razor thin. And don't expect quick action on tax changes because he'll have more important things to worry about early in his presidency (e.g., the pandemic). But let's take a fresh look at some of the higher-profile tax policy proposals Biden pushed during his run for the presidency. Brush up on them now, so you're prepared if and when he gets a some of his ideas through Congress.
Joe Biden* said…
President Biden*’s major tax proposals
1. Higher maximum rate
The pre-election Biden tax plan would raise the top individual federal income rate on ordinary income and net short-term capital gains back to 39.6%, the top rate that was in effect before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) lowered it to 37% for 2018-2025. Biden also said he would generally raise taxes on folks with incomes above $400,000 without supplying specifics.

2. Itemized deductions
Biden has said he would limit the tax benefit of itemized deductions to 28% for upper-income individuals. In other words, each dollar of allowable itemized deductions could not lower your federal income tax bill by more than 28 cents, even if you are in the proposed 39.6% maximum tax bracket.

For upper-income individuals, Biden would reinstate the pre-TCJA rule that reduces total allowable itemized deductions above the applicable income threshold. Allowable deductions are reduced by 3 cents for every dollar of income above the threshold.

Biden would eliminate the TCJA’s $10,000 cap on itemized deductions for state and local taxes.

3. Higher maximum rate on long-term capital gains
Upper-income individuals would face higher capital gains taxes under the Biden plan. Under current law, the maximum effective federal income tax rate on net long-term capital gains and qualified dividends recognized by individual taxpayers is 23.8%, as explained in the main body of this column. Under the Biden plan, net long-term gains (and presumably dividends) collected by those with incomes above $1 million would be taxed at the same 39.6% maximum rate that is proposed for ordinary income and net short-term capital gains. With the 3.8% NIIT add-on, the maximum effective rate on net long-term gains would 43.4% (39.6% plus 3.8%). That would be almost double the current maximum effective rate of “only” 23.8%.

4. Higher Social Security taxes for upper-income individuals
Under current law, the 12.4% Social Security tax hits the first $137,700 of 2020 wages or net self-employment income. Employees pay 6.2% via withholding from paychecks, and employers pay the remaining 6.2%. Self-employed individuals pay the entire 12.4% out of their own pockets via the self-employment (SE) tax. For 2020, the 12.4% Social Security tax cuts out once 2020 wages or net SE income exceed the $137,700 ceiling. For 2021 and beyond, the Social Security tax ceiling will be adjusted annually to account for inflation. As things currently stand, the 2021 ceiling will rise to $142,800.

The Biden tax plan would restart the 12.4% Social Security tax on wages and net SE income above $400,000. This is the so-called donut hole approach to increasing the Social Security tax. Over the years, the donut hole would gradually close as the lower edge of the hole is adjusted upward for inflation while the $400,000 upper edge of the hole remains static.

5. Elimination of basis step-up for inherited assets
Under current law, the federal income tax basis of an inherited capital-gain asset is stepped up fair market value as of the decedent’s date of death. So, if heirs sell inherited capital-gain assets, they only owe federal capital gains tax on the post-death appreciation, if any. This provision can be a huge tax-saver for greatly-appreciated inherited assets — such as personal residences that were acquired many years ago for next to nothing and are now worth millions. The Biden plan would eliminate this tax-saving provision.

Joe Biden* said…
6. Elimination of real-estate tax breaks
The Biden tax plan would: (1) eliminate the $25,000 exemption from the passive loss rules for rental real estate losses incurred by middle-income individuals, (2) eliminate Section 1031 like-kind exchanges that allow deferral of capital gains taxes on swaps of appreciated real property, (3) eliminate rules that allow faster depreciation write-offs for certain real property, and (4) eliminate qualified business income (QBI) deductions for profitable rental real estate activities.

7. Increased child- and dependent-care credits
Under current law, parents can collect a credit of up to $2,000 for each under-age-13 qualifying child. This is a refundable credit, which means you don’t have to have any federal income tax liability to collect the credit. In other words, the child credit is “free money.”

Under current law, another credit of up to $2,100 is allowed to cover expenses to care for a qualifying dependent, including an eligible child, or up to $4,200 for expenses to care for two or more qualifying dependents. In most cases, however, an income limitation reduces the maximum allowable credit to $1,200 or $2,400 for two or more qualifying dependents.

The Biden tax plan would increase the maximum refundable child credit to $4,000 for one qualifying child or $8,000 for two or more qualifying children. Families making between $125,000 and $400,000 would receive reduced credits. Apparently, the same rules would apply to an enhanced credit for expenses to care for qualifying dependents.

Biden would also establish a new credit of up to $5,000 for informal caregivers.

8. New credits for homebuyers and renters
The Biden plan would create a new refundable tax credit of up to $15,000 for eligible first-time homebuyers. The credit could be collected when a home is purchased, rather than later at tax-return filing time. Biden would also establish a new refundable tax credit for low-income renters. The credit would be intended to hold rent and utility payments to 30% of monthly income.

9. ‘Green energy’ tax changes

Biden would reinstate or expand tax incentives intended to reduce carbon emissions — such as deductions for emission-reducing investments in residential and commercial buildings and restored credits for buying electric vehicles produced by manufacturers whose credits have been phased-out under current law. Biden would also eliminate federal income tax deductions for oil and gas drilling costs and depletion.

10. And finally…

One of the biggest changes in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was the installation of a flat 21% corporate federal income tax rate for 2018 and beyond. Before the TCJA, the maximum effective rate for profitable corporations was 35%. The Biden plan would increase the corporate tax rate to 28%. This change would raise an estimated $1.1 trillion or so over 10 years.

The Biden plan would impose a new 15% minimum tax on corporations with at least $100 million in annual income that pay little or no federal income tax under the “regular rules.” An affected corporation would pay the greater of: (1) the “regular” federal income tax bill or (2) 15% of reported book net income. This new tax would raise an estimated $160 billion to $320 billion over 10 years.
Joe Biden* said…
There WILL NOT be a recovery under my administration. It is forbidden. We want people dependent on the government.
Anonymous said…
Holy cow! Someone is actually willing to defend the Biden disaster!
Anonymous said…
I hope AOC is ok. After all, she was practically murdered or something something during the Capitol nonsense. Did they ever catch the swarms of assassins shecsaid aged Cruz sent? Dangerous times. ;)
Anonymous said…
@11:17,@11:17 and @11:19, Not nearly enough taxes on Incomes over $400,000/yr!
Anonymous said…
Okay "Chuck", which it it?
Is there some sort of "Deep State" that controls everything in this Country,
ar you permitted to spout any sort of insanity you've been fed by the Far Right Conspiracy Theorists on this blog every day?

Because it has to be one or the other, Pal!
Byron Funkhouser said…
This administration is gonna fuck everyone the next three years.

You're not going to believe the bullshit taxes headed our way, particularly if "driving" is a part of your job.
Anonymous said…

MAGA mob DID NOT storm the capitol. Get the facts straight.
Anonymous said…
^^^And yet all the evidence says otherwise. Weird.
Anonymous said…
No problem here cancelling the ENTIRE MAGAt legacy. Buh-bye, MAGAts! Buh-bye!
Anonymous said…
Lou Dobbs is NUTS! He thinks the supreme court judges kill babies, eat them and drink their blood! And worship Satan - and Trump is the only remedy to oust them. I mean really! In the 1980's you would go to a sanitariam if you said that stuff. Now people are "politically correct", and ignore your comments, but it doesnt mean your any less crazy.

Lou dobbs = crazy
Anonymous said…
It's too bad the Libtards weren't trying nearly this hard to nab the killers of two black men in Seattle's CHOP Zone last summer. Did they ever catch the killers there or was that swept under the rug like all the other violence and killings from the Libtards' favorite groups, Antifa and BLM.
Anonymous said…
MAGA did attack the Capital. The lady shot dead was a huge MAGA fan according to her Mom, husband and friends. Her facebook pages going back years show it. She was the first to try and get down the hall where Nancy Pelosi and crew were hiding. And she wore a MAGA hat when she died.