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We now that some of our most loyal and KICK-ASS readers rise early or stay up all night and so we share this KANSAS CITY SATURDAY MORNING NEWS BLAST to power easier scrolling and share a cursory peek at the local MSM news scene.

Kansas City Ready To Serve

Kansas City bars, restaurants see rollback in COVID-19 restrictions as welcome relief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Since the beginning for the COVID-19 pandemic, 137,000 people in the metro have tested positive for COVID-19, 36,000 of them in Kansas City, Mo. Friday marked another turning point in the pandemic, as Mayor Quinton Lucas and the Kansas City Health Department cited a decrease in cases for the reason they are relaxing the city's Emergency Order.

Cold Stalls Cure

Kansas City metro feeling impacts of COVID vaccine weather delays

CLAY COUNTY, MO (KCTV5) -- White House officials announced Friday winter weather has temporarily delayed shipment of 6 million coronavirus doses. Here in the Kansas City metro, some are dealing with the frustrations of those delays. "Pretty much staying home as much as we can and not really going out as much," says Marion Ricono.

Cowtown COVID Drop Explained

Doctors say several factors led to drop in KC-area COVID-19 cases, testing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the Kansas City metro, COVID-19 cases and testing numbers are dropping, and doctors say the decline could be due to a number of reasons. "(The) seven-day rolling average of new cases across the metro has been dropping for the last several weeks, as well as hospitalization and deaths have been on the decline," said Dr. Mark Steele, executive chief clinical officer for Truman Medical Centers/University Health.

Meth Town Party Time

City of Independence loosens COVID-19 restrictions

INDEPENDENCE, MO (KCTV) -- The City of Independence is loosening its regulations in regards to COVID-19. The city says it will go into effect at 12 a.m. on Saturday morning. The new guidelines range from the size of capacity, when restaurants can be open and faith services.

Snowman Saturday Agenda

Warmer temps bring joy to snowman makers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The last two weeks have been one of the coldest stretches we have seen since the 1980s. We had several rounds of mostly light snow at temperatures below 10 to 15 degrees. Since cold air does not hold much moisture, the snow was dry, fluffy and light, making it nearly impossible to make a snowball or snowman.

Lady Shares Gift of Life

Hoping to help sickest COVID patients, metro woman has donated plasma 11 times since recovery

OLATHE, Kan. - There is power in the blood. That old hymn can also apply to donated blood components from recovered COVID-19 patients, especially the ones who carry strong antibodies to fight the virus. The blood pumping through Janet Day's body is a precious commodity.

Golden Ghetto Goes Ahead

Johnson County to continue vaccination plan, despite weather delaying next round of vaccine doses

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment said the cold weather that has mired much of the country for the past week has impacted delivery of its COVID-19 vaccine doses to its locations in Kansas.As of Friday, the JCDHE said it still plans to continue its vaccination plans for the week of Feb.

JoCo Starts Chill Practice

Overland Park Fire Department uses Arctic blast to practice ice water rescues

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Firefighters with the Overland Park Fire Department spent the afternoon Friday at South Lake Park practicing ice water rescues. It was the first time the department was able to conduct such training in three years, one of the few benefits of the Arctic blast that plunged temperatures across the Midwest well below freezing for the last few weeks.

Waldo Week Begins

Tired of being inside? Waldo Week's shopping extravaganza starts

The weather forecast says perfect shopping weather, and that's a plus for the Waldo neighborhood's 6th Annual Waldo Week. Showcasing the area's diverse shopping, dining and unique services, Waldo Week offers discounts at participating businesses from February 19 - 25.

KC BBQ Stays Winning

Making the cut: One Kansas City restaurant included in Yelp's top 100 list

by: Heidi Schmidt Posted: / Updated: OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - It's been a dismal year for the restaurant industry, but even with COVID-19 restrictions, people can't wait to enjoy their favorite foods. Yelp, a company that publishes reviews about businesses, asked users to share their favorite restaurants.

Kansas City Working Class Luxury Candy Finds Sweet Spot

How one artisan chocolatier rewrote the recipe for her life - and molded a new, more approachable luxury chocolate

"I always start with the flavor first. The design is secondary," said Jessica Washburn, a KC suburban mom-turned-chocolatier. "When you bite into our cherry cheesecake bonbon, you should know its cherry cheesecake flavored. You shouldn't have to look at the menu card. I really want those flavors to come through."

Saturday Warms Up

Highs in 30s for your Saturday


More Deets On KC Drop

The Kansas City area is seeing a decline in COVID-19 cases, at least right now

In the last two weeks, Kansas City has seen its lowest COVID-19 numbers since the summer. // Image courtesy of KCMO Health Department Over the past 14 days, things have been looking up COVID-wise in Kansas City. Both the city itself and the Kansas City metro are seeing declines in cases, with KCMO at a -73% change and a -46%...

Show-Me Gas Spike

Missouri average gas price exceeds highest 2020 price, AAA says

ST. LOUIS - Missouri's statewide gas price average is 2.31, which is 21 cents more per gallon than this day last year. This price is also seven cents more compared to this day last week. AAA said drivers in Jefferson City are paying the most on average at $2.42 while drivers in Cape Girardeau are paying the least at $2.26 per gallon.

Kansas Works On COVID Fix

Kansas Meatpacking Workers Faced Outbreak After Outbreak, But Still Can't Get A COVID Vaccine

Thousands of meatpacking workers in southwest Kansas continue to wait for any news about when they'll get the COVID-19 vaccine. That wait drags on even as some counties vaccinate college faculty, first responders and postal workers, and as Kansas launches a new program to get a first dose into the arm of every school worker by early April.

College Sports Branding Teachable Moment Awaits

Amid 'wild west' of college recruiting, a Kansas bill could allow college athlete pay for name, image and likeness | Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Representatives of several Kansas universities support a bill allowing collegiate student-athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness as soon as 2022. Kansas is one of about 35 states considering similar legislation to a bill passed in several states in recent years, including California and Florida.

Life Lesson In Patience

Missouri health director: No plan to move teachers to front of vaccine line

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri's health director says the state has no plans to move teachers higher on the list for COVID-19 vaccinations but will continue focusing on getting shots to older people and those with serious illnesses. Dr. Randall Williams spoke Thursday during Gov. Mike Parson's weekly media briefing.

Protesters Claim Kansas Working Against Po’Folk

People protest at Capitol against Kansas Department of Labor

A small group of people on Friday showed up to stand outside the state capitol building to voice their frustration with the Kansas Department of Labor.All had not received unemployment benefits from the labor department for weeks or months. "I have zero dollars in my account this morning," said Cassandra Dickerson of Olathe, who organized the protest.

JoCo Old School Comeback

Five Johnson County Senior Living Facilities Reopen For Visitors - 'Can't Imagine How Much This Means'

Five Homestead Assisted Living facilities in Johnson County have reopened for visitors for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic forced an end to in-person visits nearly a year ago. The Homestead facilities, owned by Topeka-based Midwest Health, shut off visitations in March 2020 in order to protect its residents and communities from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kansas City Jazz Movie Debuts

KC filmmakers to debut documentary on historic 12th Street

For decades Kansas City's historic 12th street area was a thriving Black community."In its heyday, it was the epicenter of the Black community. We had our own stores, we had our own entrepreneurs, we had our own everything, clubs, stores, theater," said KC filmmaker Stinson McClendon.

Well-Deserved Tribute To Kansas City Legend Continues

Family, customers remember lasting impact of LC Richardson, founder of LC's Bar-B-Q

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- Family, friends and longtime customers are continuing to honor a Kansas City barbecue icon. L.C. Richardson, founder of LC's Bar-B-Q in Kansas City, died Wednesday at 86. "You're never prepared for something like this, especially someone in our family who is the glue that holds us all together.

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  2. JoCo has been and is incompetent in all things corona.

    slow on masks, slower on testing, stuck in mud on vaccines.

  3. Kelly = Cuomo

    She's vaccinating state employees, many in their twenties and thirties, while seniors are left behind.

  4. nothing much worse than falling through the ice in kansas, then climbing out, remove and wring out clothing all the while hoping the sun hits you to warm you up a little and then putting the wet clothes back on - sucks.

  5. “Cowtown COVID Drop Explained”

    We all knew this would happen when the dimwits took charge of everything, it was what they ran on and it appears they scared enough people to get them to vote dimwit, this whole thing was a scam to begin with, nobody has been doing anything different, matter of fact, more people have been ignoring the rules and somehow the numbers just dropped. Kcmo’s own website they just quit updating because they couldn’t hide the fact that the numbers have never been bad in kc. The big topic now is herd ammunition, yup, the same herd immunity they said wouldn’t work and now all of a sudden we will have it in about a month or so.

    Makes you wonder if now suddenly that’s why China flu joe is fucking up deliveries of the vaccines with only about 15% of the population vaccinated, latest excuse is it’s the snow, hell China joe even cancelled a trip to Michigan this week and called a lid on reporters at 8:00AM in the morning because they need a new strategy to scare people into submission. The whole new strain tactic didn’t slow anybody down so a new plan is needed. Get ready for sleepy joe to fuck more shit up real soon.

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