Kansas City Royals Pitcher Danny Duffy Tribute To Memory Of Yordano Ventura

For those who haven't seen it yet, this is actually a really nice story about the "culture" of the Kansas City Royals among players leftover from their glory days. The "moment" is more captivating than the marketing hype that touts a team of celebrity millionaire owners . . . It's a small, but meaningful token of appreciation that offers a more complete view behind the scenes.

Here's the best write-up documenting the gesture:

Danny Duffy switches to number 30 to honor Yordano Ventura

Players can be superstitious about their uniform number. Some players succeeded early on with their number and want to keep that mojo going. Others may have chosen their number to honor a friend or family member. When players change teams, they may want to retain their number, which means a new teammate may have to give up their number.


Flamethrower Jake said…
I miss Ventura's enthusiasm for throwing the ball right at the batter's head for this or that reason. Baseball is our greatest pastime.
Anonymous said…
ventura made the sport less boring.
I miss him too.