Thursday, February 25, 2021

Kansas City Royals Fear Quick 2021 FAIL

Another year of "rebuilding" is assured but this screed simply hopes the home team will keep it interesting until the All-Star break.

Read more of Kansas City low expectations . . .

All I want is for the Royals to not stink right out of the gate

There are a lot of wish list items for the first full length Kansas City Royals season following the shortened 2020 season, which itself followed back-to-back 100-loss campaigns. The Royals are certainly going to be better than they have over the last three years, and to what extend-and how they do it-is going to be the biggest focus for the Royals this year.


Anonymous said...

They stink!

Anonymous said...

MLB woke ta BLM f--k 'em

Anonymous said...

never again paying up for seats.

will try the monarchs.