Kansas City Recycling Stays Losing In Cold

Climate change fear persists and it might have even sickened that Chinese bat that, in turn, shut down the world.

Here's the latest impact locally as the sky does or doesn't fall . . .

No recycling or bulky item pickup in KCMO this week

Good luck finding somewhere to recycle or discard bulky items this week if you live in Kansas City, MO. According to KSHB Kansas City, a spokesperson for the city said it is canceled Tuesday through Friday. Trash pickup will continue as scheduled.


  1. A couple of inches of snow cripples a whole city? ROFL

  2. Fuck this bullshit!2/9/21, 7:20 AM

    KCMO proves once again that they can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Maybe since City Hall won't come pick up our trash we should take our trash to City Hall. It would make it look like tent city never left.

  3. ^^OK Boomer.


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