Kansas City Real Estate Pr0n: Cowtown Upscale Redesign Inspired By Barn Life

An interesting remodel speaks to down home roots by way of luxury furnishings that hope to distract guests from otherwise prosaic complaining about what friends posted on social media that substitutes for conversation nowadays.

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How Laura McCroskey translated a homeowner's rustic lifestyle into modern-dappled design

Tina's inspiration for her home came from two things: rocks and horses. "I have a thing where I look for heart rocks," she says. "This place is essentially a rock. I mean, we had to dynamite this place in, which resulted in millions of rocks.


  1. Great if you're checking into the hospital. No color and those two silver things on the wall look like part of a stethoscope. The molding around the doors looks like plastic paneling, it's not natural it doesn't match in one area. What's that black thing???? Is that for the patient? That fire place looks like something out of Beetle Juice. Very depressing. yuk.

  2. Eat the rich with gravy.

  3. How many Bitcoins did that cost??


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