Sunday, February 14, 2021

Kansas City Preps For Budget Cuts

As we recently reported, police are taking a HUGE hit but the pain of the COVID cuts will also impact smaller, worthwhile organizations that have enjoyed taxpayer funding in better times.

Here are a few examples . . .

Kansas City-area organizations prepare for city's proposed funding cuts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several Kansas City-area organizations ranging from legal aid to cultural arts, will lose funding if a proposed budget for fiscal years 2021-2022 goes through. These organizations are waiting to find out how much is on the chopping block. "We will suffer," Carmaletta Williams, executive director of the Black Archives of Mid-America , said.


HAHAHAHAHA!!! said...

Maybe black archives should raise their own damn money.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Lickass took a knee on the neck of the tax base. Move out of KCMO while your house is still worth something.

Anonymous said...

BLM can fund the archives, black panthers can go pick it up

Anonymous said...

Let’s cut police dept and continue to have empty trolleys going up and down Main St all day and night. Appears Trumpers have taken over City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Black Archives needs to get on the fundraising bandwagon. 40% of their budget comes from the city? And we get to pay for the building maintenance too. I wonder what she's paying herself.

Fuck Kansas City! said...

Did that last year 4:07.

Anonymous said...


Black Archives of Mid-America Inc
EIN 51-0191768

Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax
According to the most recent IRS Form 990 (2018 tax year):

The organization lists net assets of $5,525,004 dollars.

The highest paid employee was Emiel Cleaver, who was Director of Operations through 10-31-18. Emiel is the son of Congressman Carwash.

Carmaletta Williams, who began serving as Executive Director on 11-16-18 was paid $9,375, which equates to a full-year salary of approximately $75,000.

Total Revenue for the year (2018) was $180,658
Total Expenses for the year were $404,007
Revenues minus expenses for the year were $(-223,349) LOSING MONEY!
This 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation relies primarily upon government funding.

Fuck Kansas City! said...

Here's your budget cuts:

Anything that isn't necessary infrastructure upgrades or repairs. This does not include airports, toy choo choos, entertainment districts, pet projects, entertainment districts or anything else that isn't vital infrastructure (road repair, snow removal, water or sewer).

No archives of any color. Gone! Let them do it on their own.

Cultural arts? Gone! Let them hit up patrons for donations, do fundraisers or whatever.

Zoo? Close it up or make them fund themselves.

Visit KC? Who wants to? Scratch it too!

Legal Aid of W MO? Cut it. Lawyers have to do pro bono stuff from time to time anyway.

Starlight? Close it! Nobody wants to get shot or mugged to see anything there anyway.

KC Film Office? Never heard of it so it can't be that important.

Travel such as the mayor to the Superbowl on the city's dime? Make him repay ever damned cent! No more travel for anyone.

I'm sure that I could come up with 10-20,000 other cuts also if I had a complete list of expenditures.

Oh, and frankly, the mayor should be working for free at this point since he has fucked everyone else but his buddies in this city.

Fuck Kansas City! said...

And I'm not going to run for mayor. They've fucked things up to the point that the entire city needs to be bulldozed so we can start over.

KC said...

Give this person line item veto over the Federal budget. Damn good start.

Anonymous said...

Stop using money to paint racist graffiti on the streets and tax the black people more for destroying the Plaza and causing all of the crime. Crime is not cheap. Put the blame where the blame is due. Tell the lazy mayor to get off of his black ass and do something instead of spending tax payer money to go to a football game.

Fuck Kansas City! said...

^^Good one! Add that to the list!