Kansas City Nursing Homes Fight For Life As COVID Crisis Continues

More than anybody else, nursing homes have been the hardest hit by the pandemic but the effort to protect this vulnerable population persists.

This note shares important data and news of continued work against the plague . . . Read more:

Here's How Coronavirus Is Affecting Kansas City Nursing Homes

KANSAS CITY, MO - The coronavirus pandemic has devastated nursing homes across the U.S., with thousands of cases and deaths among residents reported weekly. However, nursing home resident cases in recent weeks have been on the decline. The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has been tracking the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in nursing homes, including some in Kansas City.


Anonymous said…

Isn't it funny how this year is the first year in history that hasn't had a flu and cold virus going around? The COVID virus must have wiped it out.
Anonymous said…
Edgewood in Raytown. Like a name out of a horror movie. I hate those sucks.
Anonymous said…
A lot of these dummies are opening their places up a little more for dining and activities before the residents are all vaccinated. Talk about stupid.
Anonymous said…
They need to take a look at the independent living centers, too. There are also a lot of deaths there. Despite the name, a lot of those people are cared for by nursing assistants.