Kansas City Northland Soccer Complex Compromise In The Works

Read the deets of this controversial deal closely and realize that we're really talking about a division of government cheese and Northland politicos so INEPT that they can't work out a less embarrassing horse trade with their far more organized East side counterparts.

Credit where it's due, the conversation was going to get COMPLETELY and unnecessarily racial until our TKC readers started making fun of EVERYONE involved in order to shed light on the corrupt way biz is typically conducted in Kansas City.

Kansas City leaders continue debate on proposed soccer complex in Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When a committee of Kansas City, Missouri, council members meet Wednesday morning to discuss a proposed youth soccer complex in the Northland, they will hear from a man who started an online petition opposing the plan.


Anonymous said…

Democrap black "activist" scammer Chris Goode starts petition..signifying OUTRAGE that all the hard-working , taxpaying White residents of the Northland might actually benefit from some of their tax $$ --instead of giving ALL of it to the black Eastside welfare scammers!

Anonymous said…
All of these "activists" and "leaders" should just relax.
There are tens of millions of dollars on their way from Washington, so there'll be plenty of money for everyone to throw away on crap just like KCMO has been doing for years.
Make that decades.
Get in line with your hand out.
And you, too, may have a chance to pay for your dreams with someone else's money.