Kansas City Newsflash: No COVID Vaxx Rules

As usual, everybody is on their own there isn't any kind of specific policy or strategy for a vaxx rollout that still hasn't garnered traction amid the partisan hack blame game and bad weather.

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For Kansas Citians Seeking The Closest Vaccine, Confusion Is Often The Result

It took hours of diligent searching, a late-night tip and many hits on the "refresh" button, but Shawnee, Kansas, resident Kathy Cook managed to get five of her relatives, mostly in their 70s and 80s, appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine.


Anonymous said…
Killa kc never had a plan so naturally it ends up everybody for themselves.
Anonymous said…
Edited and reposted in continued search for an answer:

"... they are completely omitting the most at risk and marginalized people who are not mobile, whose tier isn't even beneficial being home bound. They are the elderly, sick and handicapped that are not grouped together in nursing homes to receive the vaccine (TOP tier). In many situations they are being cared for 24/7 by a family member that may be on the BOTTOM tier thus furthering their risk.

There is absolutely no path to vaccinations for the home bound/bedridden. They have no political clout and no ability to outrage and backlash on social media.

These are the elderly/handicapped/sick that are family to many of us. Has anyone heard any mention anywhere of how these truly marginalized will be cared for as regards to receiving the vaccine in home?"
Anonymous said…
What happened to the TDS crowd weren't taking it cause Trump got it going, AOC, the Hoe ,and China Joe front of the line
Anonymous said…

Have any of the Covid-19 vaccines received FDA approval? NO

Were the vaccines rushed through development and abbreviated trials at record pace? YES

Have mRNA vaccines like these ever been used in humans before? NO

Do these mRNA vaccines work by manipulating your body's genetic material, unlike any normal vaccine? YES

If I take the Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J shots, will it prevent me from contracting the virus? NO

Does the risk for negative interactions increase with each additional shot received? YES; and both the Pfizer and Moderna protocols call for a minimum of 2 injections.

If I receive any of these shots and become ill, incapacitated, or die as a result, can I or my survivors sue anyone involved for damages? NO; everyone involved has been granted immunity by the federal government.

It's been over 1 year since the SARS-CoV-2 virus began circulating in the U.S. and I'm still fine. If I contracted the virus, I didn't realize it or the symptoms were very mild. The CDC statistics suggest that I'm at very low risk since I'm healthy and below the age of 80, why exactly should I take the vaccine shot? You shouldn't, unless the fear agenda has gotten to you.