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Right now angel hottie Jasmine sharing the panty promo love inspires us to offer a better first blast of community news, pop culture and top headlines to kick our morning into higher gear.

Kansas City Nurse Offers COVID Vaxx Inspiration

VNA nurse shares personal story of why she's getting COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the past two weeks, people were lined up at the Visiting Nurse Association, waiting to get their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. "We filled up so fast," VNA President Brad Evans said. "As of Friday morning, we had about 900 slots we still needed to fill.

Taking Local GOAT Pix

NO KIDDING! People line up at Union Station to get pictures with baby goats decked out in Chiefs gear


Historic Month Starts

For Black History Month, A Way To Honor More Kansas Citians Who Deserve 'To Be Remembered'

When it comes to the history of the African American community in Kansas City, almost everyone knows the big names - people like jazz great Charlie Parker or baseball legend Buck O'Neil, who are both memorialized in countless ways around the metro.

Panty Promo Pays Well

How Rich Is 'Victoria's Secret' Angel Jasmine Tookes?

How much do Victoria's Secret models make, and just how rich is Angel Jasmine Tookes? Jasmine Tookes' origin story is pretty humble, but the model has been working her way up the charts and hit Angel status with Victoria's Secret in 2015.

Unity Begins Today?!?

GOP senators to meet Biden Monday on coronavirus relief as Dems ready to pass bill without Republican support

A group of 10 Republican senators is headed to the White House Monday to discuss a potential compromise on a coronavirus relief plan that could gain bipartisan support to pass the Senate, in the first sign of significant talks between the parties on the issue.

AOC Threatens Takeover

Schumer moves to guard his left flank against AOC

At the time of the meeting, Ocasio-Cortez was fresh off her stunning primary upset victory. She hadn't even been sworn into office yet. But in the two years since then, Schumer has thrown his weight behind a plan to cancel student loan debt by executive order. He's voted against the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

Former Prez Trump Hires Impeachment Team 2.0

Trump Names New Defense Team Ahead Of Senate Impeachment Trial

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast Former President Donald Trump has named two new attorneys to head up his impeachment defense ahead of next week's trial in the Senate. Trump was in need of new representation following the reported departure of all five members of his defense team this weekend.

New Coup Debuts

Myanmar's military has detained leader Aun San Suu Kyi in a coup. Here's what you need to know

Myanmar's military seized power of the Southeast Asian country in a coup on Monday, after detaining the country's civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and numerous other top government figures.

Nation Needs Head Check

Zombie nation: Third of adults walking around in concussion-like daze due to stress, lack of sleep - Study Finds

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Here's a pretty good reason to make sure you're getting enough rest and relaxation in your life. More than a third of people are walking around with the same symptoms as concussion due to stress and lack of sleep, suggests a new study.

Freedom Day Remembered

Today is National Freedom Day

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- Today is a day to let freedom ring, because it's officially National Freedom Day. Feb. 1, 1865 is the day President Lincoln signed the 13th Amendment, outlawing slavery in the United States. A former slave in Philadelphia named Richard Robert Wright Senior pushed for the creation of National Freedom Day to celebrate.

Witness Local Good Life

A Historic Kansas City Aerie Holds a Lifetime of Collecting - In Kansas City

There are less-is-more people who feel better with edited rooms. And then there are more-is-more people who feel most at home surrounded by objects they've collected over time. Jim and Susan Birt are definitely in the more camp. Jim is a property developer and Susan is the Acquirer-in-Chief.

Weather Flux For February

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Cloudy skies to begin Super Bowl week in Kansas City. Clouds will hold strong most of today with high temperatures near 36. Mild air returns by Tuesday with highs back into the 40s along with more sunshine. The weather on Wednesday looks to be great with highs back into the 50s ahead of our next storm system.

Tom MacDonald - "Fake Woke" is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


Anonymous said…
Savages. Here in the u.s. we mail in our coup.
Anonymous said…
Better title: Booty and Unity!
Anonymous said…
Black History Month sounds racist as it is only one month out of the year.

Can we change this to Black History Year so every day is a Black history day.

Maybe each day the Marxist Media can share a black technological or scientific achievement to the United States.
Anonymous said…
#Bidenlied trending hard now as the administration fails to spin its way out of failure to deliver $2,000 stimulus checks. And this is mostly coming from the left.
Byron Funkhouser said…
"NO KIDDING! People line up at Union Station to get pictures with baby goats decked out in Chiefs gear"

Proving once again how desperate stupid people are. A million things in this world to do and a bunch of idiots idol worship genetic lottery winners and make rich people richer. I bet a majority of them haven't read a book, know nothing of their politics or world events, and can't interpret their paycheck withholdings.

Black to the grind.
Anonymous said…
Erin says the temperature is going to be 38 D's next week.
Anonymous said…
Kamala: Joe, if you sign all these papers I laid out on your desk, I will give you a big bowl of butterscotch pudding that you like.

China Joe: Yippee, can I use a crayola ? I love to color.
Anonymous said…

There is no black history month in this country there are no black heroes in this country. The black people destroyed our cities killed our cops and erased our history. To promote a black history month is racist. Black history what ever that may be, does not exist.
Anonymous said…
National freedom day???? ROFLMAO. We just had a stolen election, where mostly black people were allowed to commit treason without punishment and put a dictator in our white house that has killed thousands of jobs and is going to kill thousands more. He has forced people who are against abortion pay for killing children against their will. The domino effect of this has already started. If you can call this national freedom day then you are as sick as Hitler was.
Anonymous said…
China Joe: Kamala, will you rub my hairy blonde legs? I think I have a rash around the thigh area.

Kamala: Sure Joe, let me get some lotion.
KC said…
They'll be scrambling for stories after day 4.
Anonymous said…
Oh, my. Planet Tinfoil is still sending dispatches to the deranged, I see.
Anonymous said…

When I scored a backstage pass to the panty promo, I was on Jasmine like white on rice!!!
Anonymous said…
The U.S. backed regime in Myanmar gets caught cheating at its election and its military acts to protect its country and people rather than being in on the coup. They did better than the U.S. did.
Anonymous said…
8:07 too bad she grew those giant ass hips. She needs to get on the treadmill.
Anonymous said…
Man, that's too bad.

Myanmar was really starting to get its shit together.
Anonymous said…
Want to be disbarred? Be a lawyer for Donald Trump! Get laughed out of court! Never get paid! Then lose your license! Don't delay! Sign up today!
Anonymous said…
There is little difference between Myanmar and the United States.
Anonymous said…
There are patriots in command of Myanmar’s military. That is a difference.
Anonymous said…
There are many more differences than similarities between Myanmar and the USA.
Anonymous said…
Yes, some wackos still believe in the Russia hysteria.
Anonymous said…
"I wouldn't put it past Joe to fu*k things up."
-- Barack Hussein Obama
Anonymous said…
@9:50 is right! There's only one "letter M" in The United States Of America, and Myanmar is a lot warmer.
Anonymous said…
Old people are so lame.
Anonymous said…
I am free everyday. The U.S. not so much.
Anonymous said…
young people are soooooooo stupid, and most stay that way particularly if that have children at a a young age..
Anonymous said…
Studies show that the young and poor have higher infant mortality rate and if a black person is college educated, infant mortality rate the same as college educated white person.
Anonymous said…
^^OK Boomer. Clean up the applesauce on your chin.
Anonymous said…
google it, hint: swedish study, see if you can find it yourself.
Anonymous said…
get a little gold star if you find it!
Anonymous said…
what a surprise cops don't want to deal with your crap either.
Garbonzo Queeferton said…
Q: What did Abe Lincoln say after a three-day-drunk ? A: "I...I freed WHO ?!".