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It turns out Miley and her hottie goodness won the Super Bowl that most people watched online (or not at all). Accordingly, this inspires us to check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

Kansas City Carefully Hides Carryout Heartbreak

KC restaurants prepare for busy Valentine's Day weekend amid cold weather, pandemic

It's been a cold week but temperatures this weekend are expected to be even colder---when restaurants like Ragazza Food and Wine are filling up reservations for a busy Valentine's Day weekend. "It's gonna be night and day from valentine's day last year," said Laura Norris, owner of Ragazza.

COVID Killed Snow Days

Many metro school districts using 'alternative methods of instruction' instead of snow days

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Below freezing temperatures and dangerous roads kept many students across the metro out of school Tuesday, and it may keep them out on Wednesday too. Many districts are using AMI (alternative methods of instruction) days instead of calling a snow day.

Miley Spikes Despite Big Game Disappointment

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Sexy Pre-Show Video . . .

But, for the record, Miley is perfectly happy being single. She proved it by posting a Hannah Montana throwback clip where teen Miley says, "I have no problem not having a boyfriend," before cutting to footage from her TikTok Tailgate show in which she told the crowd, "I'm single now, you know, after COVID I'm ready."

Former Prez Trump Permanently Cancelled

Twitter says Trump is banned forever - even if he runs for president again

As the second impeachment trial of his presidency unfolds, there's another bit of bad news for the former president. In a new interview on CNBC's Squawk Box, Twitter Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal gave the decisive word on how the company would handle Trump's Twitter account lo...

FB Cuts Content

Facebook Dials Down the Politics for Users

After inflaming political discourse around the globe, Facebook is trying to turn down the temperature. The social network announced on Wednesday that it had started changing its algorithm to reduce the political content in users' news feeds.

COVID Vaxx Attacked

Biden's next fight: Anti-vaxxers jeopardize plans to protect U.S. against Covid

Wendy Borger tested positive for Covid-19 at an urgent care center in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, on Dec. 28. She said she was fatigued, short of breath, and had a headache, heart palpitations and a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Her oxygen level dipped to 94%.

China Outwits Prez Biden

Biden's in no rush to engage China. Guess who's trying to take advantage.

The worry, some former officials say, is that Biden is just getting organized while Xi is seizing the moment: ramming through a massive investment deal with the European Union, for instance, that aims to cement ties with the 27-country bloc.

More Cash Or Nothing

Dems on House committee approve $15 minimum wage in stimulus package despite CBO warning 1.4M jobs at risk

Democrats on the House Committee on Education and Labor approved a $15 federal minimum wage proposal included in President Biden's coronavirus relief package in the early hours of Wednesday morning. "It's a wrap, $15 #MinimumWage passes the [Education and Labor] committee after more than 13 hours of debate," committee member Rep.


Bruce Springsteen arrested for DWI in New Jersey

Bruce Springsteen was arrested for DWI and reckless driving in his home state, it was revealed Wednesday - days after he appeared in a much-hyped Super Bowl commercial for Jeep. The "Born to Run" icon, 71, was busted Nov. 14 at Gateway National Recreation Area in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, a spokesperson for the National Park Service said.

Fanbois Confront Reality

Arrowheadlines: The day we learned Patrick Mahomes wasn't invincible

NFL Power Rankings: Buccaneers reign over Chiefs! Where do Saints, Steelers go from here? | NFL.com Super Bowl LV will be remembered, in part, as the day we learned Patrick Mahomes wasn't invincible.

KCK Comeback Announced

KCKPS to allow intramural sports at middle schools

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Kansas, Public Schools Board of Education voted Tuesday night to approve an intramural sports plan for district middle schools. The programs begin April 19 with track and field and boys and girls soccer, according to a tweet from the district.

EPIC Cold Cont’d

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a Storm Track 5 Weather Alert Day. We are tracking a 30% chance for light snow and patchy freezing drizzle for your Wednesday. Amounts of winter weather today will be light but could be impactful with additional travel impacts. High temperatures today are expected near 15.

Tom MacDonald - "Cancelled" is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Bruce should've been cancelled for that dumb-ass commercial.

  2. Unity everybody! Let's unite!

    As long as you do exactly as we say.

  3. I canceled Twitter a month ago it sucks anyway.

  4. The Bitter Truth2/10/21, 12:31 PM

    900K might make more money while 1.4 million lose their job.

    Typical stupid ass democratic thinking. Hope all you Biden voters are fucking happy over this. Oh you do know it will probably be 1.4 million Biden voters who lose their jobs.

  5. It didn't take China long to start fking Biden* LOL

  6. I'll be damn, Arrowhead Pride mans up and speaks the truth.

  7. I hate that Miley has that tongue hanging out disease, poor kid.

  8. ^^Where's the $5.00 gas and bad stock market shitbird? market's up again today! Thanks Joe Biden!


  9. Halftime was the talk of the town nation wide. I didn't lower myself to watch but I guess it was all about satan and his followers, really low budget and tacky. Remember when it was a professional sport and halftime was worth watching, when everyone respected the country and "the anthem that is for everyone not for color" before hateful racists came in and ruined everything? Well that's O.K. I found better things to do same as everyone else.

  10. ^^well if you didn't watch Maude(you watched liar) then why are you commenting about it? Don't post about things you didn't see fucktard. You can't speak to it. Bye bye now!

  11. Bruce was BOMBED IN THE U.S.A.
    He was BOMBED IN THE U.S.A.
    It's too bad that the commie just won't go away
    His music has seen better days
    That's why he's BOMBED IN THE U.S.A.....

  12. Springsteen still drives? I figured somebody would have taken grandpa's keys away by now LOL!

  13. ^^You mean like they did yours? LOL!

  14. Back in the day the only people that liked Bruce were teeny boppers. Nobody has liked him since then, and that was back in the eighties.


  15. uber-lib Bruce..when not sanctimoniously spewing Demo B S.

    he's careening around,endangering lives, driving while shit-faced.

    typical Dem hypocrite.

  16. Springsteen is a washed up has been desperately grasping for relevance. Sad. He will probably get #METOOed in 6 months.

  17. ^^and yet you know of him and his name is in your mouth, not the other way around. Weird.

  18. ^^ weird guy obsessed with "things in the mouth"...hmmm..

  19. ^^ Most libs are of that persuasion.

  20. Beware the progs, these "herd immunity" articles are no going to start the fear porn of the non-vaccinated, with the well meaning government "stepping in" to save the people, you know "for the children". Fuck those insidious progs. Does make me wonder though; the Biden voters, progressives, communists, demoncrats, etc. are 100% for the vaccine. Why then are these polls reflecting a ~39% opt-in? The supremely stupid on both sides of the aisle can't account for that differential. I would have refused under a Trump admin or under the Biden regime. The more hysterically the gov pushes for a thing, and the more hysterical stupid people get over that thing, the more you know you want to be on the opposite side of it.

  21. ^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this.

  22. Is there anyone more messed up than Miley Cyrus?

  23. Bruce Springsteen sucks. Sounds like a crooner with a severe case of hemmoroids; no rhythmn.

  24. All of these opinions are super retarded.


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