Kansas City Metro Suspected Proud Boys Indicted By Feds After Capitol Riot

More deets on a local roundup and a realization that a reported "INSURRECTION" isn't going to be taken lightly just because the suspects seem like okay dudes when they're on the clock at a suburban box store.

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Federal grand jury in DC indicts 4 local men in Capitol Riot case

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Four Proud Boys members from the Kansas City area were indicted Friday for their part in the riot Jan 6 at the U.S. Capitol. A federal grand jury handed up the indictments against William Chrestman, 47, and Christopher Kuehne, 47, both of Olathe; Ryan Ashlock, 21, of Gardner; and Louis Colon, 44, of Blue Springs.


  1. It's so funny how these people are accused of being proud boys in one article and then being white supremacists in another. Does anyone realize how stupid that is? White supremacists hate Trump. Does a white supremacists like Jews? Does Trump stand with Israel and the Jews? So that's what blows holes in the trap the democrats have set up. Proud boys are made up of older men there's no young kids in that group and they are far from white supremacists. Democrats fall for the dumbest things.

  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14092596/anti-trump-capitol-rioter-sold-footage-70k/

  3. An antifa member was paid by cnn and msnbc $35,000 grand each for his video, let that sink in..... antifa member paid by cnn and msnbc.

    How did cnn and msnbc know in advance that there was going to be a riot? Because they helped to make the riot that’s why.

  4. Those charges are lame, they’ll pay a fine and get probation and told to stay off of federal property for a year, big deal.

    Now the despicable dimwits can force local law enforcement to drop charges for the murderous burning looting and beating citizens and cops within an inch of their lives and get bond paid for from chyna joe and cameltoe.

    If it weren’t for double standards the dimwit party wouldnt have any at all.

  5. 7:03: And the Planet Tinfoil dispatches once again reach a receptive audience.

  6. 7:43 are you serious? It’s been all over the news for weeks now that cnn and msdnc gave $35,000 a piece for this antifa member to go in and disrupt the peaceful protest and film the whole thing, hell, there’s even video of him causing and stirring the pot.

    butnyou knew that already didn’t you dummy?

  7. Scoop: The folks who showed up at the Trump rally and then stormed the Capitol were democrats in disguise. Would this make Trump a Democrat also? Also, the snow that hit Texas last week was a creation of Microsoft Bill Gates. The vaccine has a micro chip the Govt will use to watch you.

  8. A wooden ax handle is a weapon in the hands of a Proud Boy, but a metal baton is an instrument of peace in the hands of Antifa

  9. The two tiered inJustice system in place.

    Attorney General/Obergruppenfuhrer Merrick Garland, now in charge, will train his guns on the newly defined terrorists/insurrectionists (That is YOU white boy) and keep us all safe.

    What a fuckin joke. No Habeas Corpus for the folks languishing in jail without bail, for essentially breaking and entering (Most, see the video, were walking in between the ropes and herded in by the police and taking selfies).

    BLM/AntiFa thugs, out on bail, thanks to the Biden/Harris campaign while these poor fucks sit in the can.

    THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW. There is a soup de jour, extemporaneous interpretation of the "Living Document" based on the exigencies of the Fascist Deep State.

    The Constitution is now, like that cultural atrocity, the play, "Hamilton". We are all supposed to pretend that it is high art, pay our the fuckin ass for tickets and then try to stay awake for the whole thing and pretend it is not a fuckin lie.

  10. ^^Whaa!!!The election was fixed!!! Whaaa!!! Deep state!!! Everyone’s always out to get us!!!! Whaaaa!!! It’s so hard being white!!!! Wha!!! We’re so persecuted guys!!! Not fair!!!! Rigged election!!! Whaaa!!!!!

  11. 8:23: I hate to break this to you, but I read several publications, including the conservative Wall Street Journal and the libertarian Reason. If your dispatch from Planet Tinfoil had any validity and had actually been "all over the news for weeks now," I would have seen it.

    It wasn't, and I didn't.

  12. 10:08 I hate to break it to you, but, you are wrong, AntiFa was at the riot, here he is on video.


    He made good money by way of his contacts with CNN etc.




    Here is a ton of video of your heroes at the riot.


  13. BLM rioters CHARGES DROPPED. BOMBS at capital on 6th FBI cant find BOMBER. Black man who shot White VET woman at capital NO CHARGES. ALL Antifa blm RIOTERS at capital on 6th Not charged and got BOOK and STORY deals from MSM. this is how civil wars start

  14. 10:32 Exactly. THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW.

    BLM/AntiFa has had virtual carte blanche for the last 4 1/2 years to assault, beat, burn and loot, while law enforcement looked on and did nothing. Now, people/political prisoners, are held without bail, in our nation's capital for essentially breaking and entering. No Habeas Corpus for you white boy!

    To those intrepid souls who find themselves in harm's way in November of 2022 in the next 'election' (Ha Ha) I would remind them, that there is a two tiered justice system in place and the crosshairs of the Deep State, under the direction of the Attorney General/Obergruppenfuhrer Merrick Garland, will be on the newly defined, "Domestic Terrorist" (Read; Trump voter) and the full weight of that two tiered INjustice system, will be used to indict, incarcerate and imprison YOU for your legal, yet not legal, activities.

    The D卐M☭CRATs WILL assault those folks who are just trying to do their jobs and it will not make any difference if you look innocent on video, have witness testimony, documentation, audio ZILCH.

    Your resistance will, in and of itself, be grounds for your arrest.

    You will be referred to in the media, as an "Insurrectionist" and arrested right after you get out of the hospital.

    Here, in my opinion, is the most, important thing that we should all remember from this point on.


  15. The Rules Of Engagement, in NO way, have ANYTHING to do, with legality. The Fascists in the Deep State, BIG TECH, D卐M☭CRATs, the 4th Estate are laughing their azzes off at us.

    For, what we now know, is decades, the D卐M☭CRATs have been rigging elections. The United States of Dominion makes the rules and the rules are, "There Are No Rules".

    Heading into the next election, based on the faulty premise that we can win if we don't cheat just like they do, is preposterous.

    To this day, the media, the Deep State, D卐M☭CRATs and BIG TECH still insist that we believe there was "Russian Collusion".

    It is a light year past Kafkaesque. We are in Heaven's Gate, Hale Bop, Marshall Applewhite territory here and we need to take off the purple shoes and face the facts.

    There is no bridge they will not burn, no law they will not break, no lie they will not tell, no body they will not step over and it is a war unto the fuckin rattle.

    1. "The Fascists in the Deep State, BIG TECH, D卐M☭CRATs, the 4th Estate are laughing their azzes off at us."

      Sure we are.

      You're fucking insane, is why.

      It's funny.

  16. Let me rephrase my earlier post. If proof of the claim that Antifa was behind the insurrection had been on any REPUTABLE media source, I would have seen it.

    It wasn't, and I didn't.

  17. Proud Boys Suffer Inequity At The Hands of Racist Feds

    Even though the national leader of the Proud Boys had been serving as a federal informant, anti-White racists within the Justice Department and their controlled media groups continue pursuing a vendetta in violation of the US Constitution.

  18. We need to try, convict and execute these traitors called proud boys. They defiled the capital which is a building built on the blood of our dead Vets from all the wars we have fought.

    Proud Boys are commies!

  19. Consider all violence-prone MAGATS armed and dangerous. Report all suspicious MAGAT activity to the FBI immediately: 816.512.8200. Only the thin blue line keeps us safe from these monsters. God Bless America!

  20. Consider all violence prone ANTIFA armed and dangers...as well as all Commies. Report all suspicious activity to the FBI IMMEDIATELE...816 512 8200. Only the thin Blue Line protects us and Leftists want to defend it!


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