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Kansas City Mayor Q & Health Honcho Doc Rex Lead Local COVID Vaxx Task Force

As American frustration with the FAILED COVID vaxx rollout increases, this town's city hall honcho throws himself into the fray along and brings a controversial health leader along for the ride.

The reality is that the Mayor swiped this idea from Council Lady Melissa Robinson who seemed to have a more modest and workable idea about simply coordinating vaxx info and helping direct locals who wanted the shot.

This morning's newsie press release makes it seem as if Dr. Rex & Mayor Q will be going door-to-door poking locals . . . . Hopefully, that's not the plan.

Here's the kick-off . . . 

My appointments to Kansas City’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force reflect Kansas City government’s partnership with Truman Medical Centers, St. Luke’s Hospital System, Research Medical Center, our Federally Qualified Health Centers such as Swope Health Services, and has organizational and operational support from Kansas City-based engineering, architecture and construction firm Burns & McDonnell, as we work to vaccinate vulnerable populations as quickly as possible, to make it easier for all Kansas Citians—particularly those without regular internet access—to determine where and how to get vaccinated.

“For many Kansas Citians—particularly in our Black and brown communities—the rate at which we are able to offer vaccines is the difference between life and death. I have directed the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force to begin meeting immediately and to work with each other and their respective regional leading institutions to provide a transparent plan to most quickly and equitably inoculate our community, with particular emphasis on communities and zip codes that have been most devastated by the pandemic.

Kansas City COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force:

- Dr. Rex Archer – Kansas City Health Department, Director of Public Health
- Renita Mollman, Chair – Burns & McDonnell, Chief Administrative Officer
- Dr. Valerie Chow – Truman Medical Centers, Chair of Department of Anesthesiology
- Kathryn Knotts – Truman Medical Centers, Director of Government Relations
- Dr. Olevia M. Pitts – Research Medical Center, Chief Medical Officer
- Jeron Ravin – Swope Health Services, President and Chief Executive Officer
- Diane Trimble – St. Luke’s Hospital System, Chief Nursing Officer

Further reading . . .

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You decide . . .


Anonymous said…
Count on the mayor to screw up EVERYTHING.
Anonymous said…
NO WAY dude.

It's going to go great. Just look at what a wonderful job Mayor Q is doing with crime and homelessness.
Anonymous said…
Mayor McDrinkerson and 'Task Force' don't exactly go together. Maybe a selfie task force? That would be within the professor's capabilities.
Anonymous said…
^^and yet the Mayor is not responsible for crime or homeless people though so...
Anonymous said…

Funny how Mayor racist black panther is worried about the community getting jabbed but doesn't worry about the Royals and the Chiefs spreading the virus. Could it be all about the money? Well of course it is.
Anonymous said…
"with particular emphasis on communities and zip codes that have been most devastated by the pandemic"

Translation: My homies come first. Honkies can wait.
Anonymous said…

1) "particularly those without regular internet access"
Lucas and Archer are SJW bleeding-heart liberals

2) "For many Kansas Citians—particularly in our Black and brown communities"
Lucas and Archer are purveyors of identity politics. And why is the "B" in Black capitalized but the "b" in brown isn't?

3) "Latinx Kansas Citians"
Latino people reject the "Latinx" label, yet Lucas insults them here.

4) "equitably inoculate our community"
Apparently, Lucas and Archer don't understand the difference between "vaccinate" and "inoculate", but then again, these 2 don't understand a lot!!!
Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
Does the mayor do anything but press events?

I'm hoping he stays out of the vaccine distribution, he has problems just making sure the lights are on. Guy seems clueless and lost.
Another Midtown Mom said…
The more help Biden gets, the better. Obviously, whatever they're doing right now isn't working.

The mayor is doing the right thing here.
Anonymous said…
^^^ the mayor should have had this done six months ago, nomwonder everything is so fucked up now.

Why does he have someone from burns and Mac on the “task force”?
Anonymous said…
Looking at kcmo’s own stats for the Kung fu flu, it’s the Mexicans then the whites and then the koloreds in that order who have been hit the hardest, imagine that.
Anonymous said…
It will definitely be screwed up with crazy Rex in charge.
Anonymous said…
Will the Black Panthers be in charge of security?
Anonymous said…
^Yes. So keep your cracker ass at home.
Anonymous said…
What could possibly go wrong?
Tab said…
Bastards should both be tarred and feathered. Get old old school on the scammers