Kansas City Mayor Q Announces Weekend COVID Vaxx Events With Walmart & YMCA

Kansas City government, box store and social service collaboration offers a glimpse at urban core efforts to speed up distribution of the stalled pandemic cure.

Check the presser shared a few moments ago . . .

Mayor Quinton Lucas, Walmart, and the YMCA of Greater Kansas City have announced a COVID-19 vaccine partnership that will start this weekend and happened every week for the next six weeks.

This should lead to more than 3,500 Kansas Citians in “zip codes with the lowest life expectancy” getting vaccinated, a release from the city said.

Walmart will host the clinics at a Kansas City YMCA location, using a vaccine allotment provided directly to Walmart by the federal government. The vaccines do not pull from and will not change Kansas City’s weekly vaccine allotment from the state.

“Eligible Kansas Citians will be notified of this vaccination opportunity by the Kansas City Health Department,” the release from the city continues. “For safety and security reasons, the particular YMCA location will be disclosed only to those eligible to receive a vaccine through this partnership. Due to a very limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines, walk-ups will not be accepted.”

Kansas Citians interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine should complete the City’s online interest form in English or Spanish, or call 311.

“As my office and the City continue our work to ensure equitable vaccine distribution, I am proud this vaccine allotment through our partnership with Walmart will be getting to Kansas Citians who need vaccines the most,” said Mayor Lucas. “The Kansas City Health Department has identified and has begun notifying eligible Kansas Citians of this opportunity via email and phone call, to ensure those without regular access to internet who need a vaccine will not be skipped over. As we continue vaccine rollout, we will not leave anyone behind. I thank Walmart, the YMCA, and our COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force for their quick and diligent work, and I look forward to continued partnerships such as this moving forward.”

Check the links . . .

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  1. great publicity for the mayor.

    I don't think i want him in charge of my doctor.

    1. Hey now, you can keep your own doctor!

      For now.

  2. What a hoax.

    Fake news, fake president, fake mayor - all liars from the left.

  3. These company’s got the vaccines because they have pharmacies in them , the mayor had nothing to do with it and is taking credit for something he had nothing to do with.

    Typical of the lying dimwit party to take credit for something they had nothing to do with.

  4. Has anyone alive ever listened to such a propaganda push, at all levels of progressive governments? Vax, vax, vax. The more hysterical the shrieking, the more I want zilch to do with it.

  5. Who cares what he says? He sucks dick every night.

  6. All Democrats suck dick every night, not just him.

  7. Wait til they found out there's a shortage on the vaccine thanx to Grampa Velcro Shoes. 😏

  8. Mayor McDrinkerson! After pushing the city's small businesses into bankruptcy for no good reason, I think you might stay away from trying to look like you know hat you're doing.

    Isn't there a syllabus that needs writing, professor?


  9. ..This should lead to more than 3,500 Kansas Citians in “zip codes with the lowest life expectancy” getting vaccinated

    yep..yet MORE Democrap Affirmative Action scams for black Democraps..big surprise.

  10. WTF is equitable vaccine distribution? MORON.


    Quinton there's no need to feel down
    I said Quinton pick yourself off the ground
    Quinton there's a place you can go
    I said Quinton when you're short on your dough

    It's fun to get jabbed at the Y.M.C.A.
    It's fun to get jabbed at the Y.M.C.A.
    They have everything for young men to enjoy.
    You can hang out with all the boys.
    It's fun to get jabbed at the Y.M.C.A.!!!

  12. People who live in those ZIP codes have lower life expectancy ON AVERAGE because lots of young residents are killing each other. Control for death by violence and you will have a clearer picture of true life expectancy.

    But they won't do that. Because the reference to life expectancy is just a ruse to disguise the fact that Lucas's black voter base is getting an unconstitutional racial preference.

  13. Of course, everyone's on board with the no-liability death vaxx.

  14. FO & DIE Quinten Clueless. You have ruined KC for decades to come.


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