Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Kansas City Live Music Crisis Persists

This is an upbeat report from one of the original donation mags which offers a hopeful perspective for local musicians who remain down on their luck.

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With no live gigs, Kansas City jazz musicians find other ways to play

Kansas City, while famous for football and barbecue, is arguably most known for its contributions to jazz. The genre originated among the Black community of New Orleans in the early 20th century before becoming popular among the African American community of Kansas City in the 1920s.


KC said...

KC's jazz keyboard legend Greg Mize once told me, "There's only two bad weeks in a musician's year. Christmas week and a week in Kansas City."

Anonymous said...

I love Kansas City Jazz, but these musician's own political party is who destroyed their livelihood. Some of these guys don't even want you at their shows if you don't prescribe to a certain ideology. That's cool, I'll go see the few musicians that aren't complete douchbags and watch Netflix.