Kansas City Legend Carol Coe Passes

I first met Carol Coe in my late teens, my mom briefly interrupted her yelling at somebody in order to introduce me for a high school journalism project. She said hello, smiled and then continued her diatribe before giving me a very quick interview. 

In this photo taken about 20 years after our first meeting, she's yelling at a local TV news crew for inaccuracies in their reporting.

The main point of this TKC post . . . 

Carol Coe was one of the very few people who lived up to her reputation. Strong, committed, extremely intelligent, fierce and unapologetic in her activism for her community.

Over the course of this blog I spoke with Ms. Coe several times and, like so many others, was often subject to her chiding. 

Still, she was always civil, patient and even exceptionally personable in her unguarded moments.

Like all real leaders, she had a softer side that was almost completely hidden from public view. 

Endless hours of community meetings over a course of a lifetime proved her commitment and dedication. Whilst other leaders cashed in on their connections and contacts, Carol Coe knew EVERYONE involved in Kansas City politics well into her golden years but never exploited her contacts for financial gain.

Carol Coe was one of my favorite people in Kansas City and her spirit exemplifies the very best of citizen activism in local government.

This last photo of Carol Coe in this post is my favorite, she was putting pressure on Democratic Party leaders to pay more attention to the 3rd District vote and feigned support for the GOP candidate in order to garner much needed attention.

This photo took two attempts because I felt bold that day and asked Ms. Coe to smile. 

She did and told me that was the first photo for which she had cracked a grin in more than a decade.

We shared a quick laugh before she took the microphone at this meeting and started yelling at council members for reasons I've completely forgot.

R.I.P. Carol Coe.

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